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Safety Equipment

In addition to established training and school staff dedicated to a safe school environment we have invested in several tools and equipment designed to keep our schools safe.  The list and examples below are a snapshot of some of our safety measures:
1.   Secure Main Entrances:  All of our schools are designed to welcome visitors from outside of the building. Once a visitor identifies the reason for the visit the receptionist unlocks the door electronically to allow a visitor to enter.  Once inside the building, visitors are only provided access to the office area, and may only exit the office after another electronic lock is released.  Having a double layer of security prior to a visitor being able to enter the learning environment is helpful in controlling visitor access. 
2.  All Hazard Buckets:  Many schools and classrooms are equipped with an all hazard bucket that is equipped with various supplies and materials in the event of an emergency.  We are adding hazard buckets to each of our schools on an annual basis.  We anticipate all of our buildings to be equipped with an all hazards bucket within the next few years. 
3.  Automated External Defibrillators (AED):  Each of our school buildings and football stadium is equipment with and AED, our athletic trainers also carry portable AED's to practices and athletic events.  
4.  Tourniquets:  We have also equipped all of the locations that have and AED with a tourniquet.  
5.  Camera Systems:   All of our buildings have a designated camera system that covers external and internal areas of the buildings.  
6.  Safety Manuals:  All teachers are equipped with a resource guide that provides quick and basic instructions on how to utilize our schools safety plan in an emergency.