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District Vision


Develop culturally responsive practices
Provide safe and secure buildings that are adaptable to future educational practices
Offer superior learning experiences for students and staff
Exceed State and National Performance Standards
Meet the diverse needs of all students and staff
Collaborate with our community
Teach and model positive character traits
Reach out to families
Actively seek resources in the community to identify and fulfill student needs
Empower students to compete successfully in a complex changing world
Operate the district in a fiscally responsible manner
Expect quality performance of all students and staff members.
We believe that ALL students can learn.
We believe we must meet and exceed the growing demands of all State and National Performance Standards.
We believe in providing both academic opportunities and extracurricular activities to educate the whole child.
We believe in the importance of encouraging active student participation.
We believe we must teach positive character traits to build future employees and successful citizens.
We believe in providing a safe and nurturing environment.
We believe that a strength of the Fairfield City School District is our expanding culturally diverse population.
We believe we need to utilize the strengths of a diverse staff to enrich our students.
We believe in students, community members, staff, and parents working together for student and community success.
We believe effective communication is vital to the success of our district.
We believe in being a strong resource for the entire community.
We believe we must make decisions based on fiscal responsibility.