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Community Diversity Alliance

The Community Diversity Alliance (CDA) fosters community engagement and parental involvement, and is a forum for community-based diversity conversations. Each of the schools has its own CDA, which encourages building-specific diversity programming and activities; student engagement with diversity activities; and parent study and discussion groups. We are also working on a community outreach program that will take us into neighborhoods to find out what residents need from the schools.
The members of the district CDA are:

Billy Smith, Superintendent
Sandi Stegman, Teacher, Central Elementary School
Jeff Stegman, District Transportation
Gina Gentry-Fletcher, School and Community Relations Director
Ta Gannaway, Parent
Ray Schmitz, Parent
Michael Berkemeier, Principal, Freshman School
Karrie Gallo, Principal, Central Elementary School
Denise Hayes, Principal, North Elementary School
Todd "TJ" Hayes, Student, Crossroads Middle School
Becky Emenaker, Teacher, West Elementary School
Dr. Paige Gillespie, Principal, East Elementary School
Iva Johnson, Bookkeeper, Crossroads Middle School
Dawn Hildreth, Teacher, Fairfield Academy
Lynn Wood, Teacher, Compass Elementary School
Pam Gemperle, Teacher, Central Elementary School
Laura Woniger, Teacher, South Elementary
Superintendent Billy Smith leads an activity with the district CDA
and residents of Tyler's Creek Apartments during an engagement
session held in April.