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Staff and Student Training

We are committed to training all of our staff and our students on the school safety plan.  Below are some examples of the requirements we follow and the measures we have in place to equip our staff and students with the necessary tools in the event of an emergency. 
Staff Training
  1. Each building has established a safety team trained in administering first aid and certified in CPR.
  2. We have trained various staff members and continue to offer training to our staff in STOP THE BLEED, which provides our staff with basic techniques of bleeding control.
  3. All of the staff and been trained in: ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate), Fire and Tornado Response, AED, and Basic CPR. 
Annual Required Drills:
  1. Rapid Dismissals (Fire Drill):  6 per year
  2. Safety Drills (training that focuses on dealing with an active aggressor):  3 Drills with students, 1 with staff
  3. Tornado Drills:  1 per month in April, May, June, and July (if school is in session). 
  4. Emergency Management Test (a formal training exercise of the schools' safety plan):  1 per year.