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School Resource Officers and Dare Officer

Our partnership with the Fairfield City Police Department has helped provide the school district with 5 police officers (4 School Resource Officers and 1 Dare Officer) that serve throughout our schools. While our School Resource officers do help with crime prevention and safety, they are also involved in mentoring and developing youth, as well as training our school staff and our student body on school safety.
Rob Corner:  SRO Corner is assigned to Fairfield High School and Compass Elementary.  

Todd Adamson: SRO Adamson is assigned to Crossroads Middle School, the Academy, and Central Elementary.
Bri MossmanSRO Mossman is assigned to Creekside Middle School and South Elementary.
Zachary Shust:  SRO Shust is assigned to the Freshman School and West Elementary.
Scott Webb Officer Webb supports our Elementary Schools by teaching DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education).
The Fairfield City School District increased its School Resource Officers by adding full-time officers at Creekside and Crossroads Middle Schools, and the Freshman School at the start of the 2019-2020 School Year. An article in the Journal News is listed below. 
Each of our secondary schools has additional staff whose main purpose is to monitor the building both internally and externally.  Each Middle School and the Freshman school have one security staff position, and the High School has three positions. Our security staff is critical in identifying student and visitor concerns and helping resolve possible conflicts.    
In addition to our security personnel, The high school has a trained canine to assist with school safety. "Kilo" is trained to detect pharmaceutical and illegal drugs, as well as gunpowder. Kilo began with the district at the start of the 2021-22 school yeaKilo and Randy Johnson, his handlerr, following the passing of the FCSD's first security dog, Naddi. Naddi had been with the district since 2014. The handler for both dogs is Randy Johnson, a member of the security team at the high school. 
Kilo sitting in front of the welcome center sign at the high school