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Fairfield City School District is located north of the City of Cincinnati,Ohio, just outside the I-275 beltway and west of I-75. Our residents live in the 38.2 square miles that make up the City of Fairfield and Fairfield Township.
We have approximately 10,000 students in grades preschool through 12.
We have 10 schools, an administrative building, a transportation complex and a central maintenance facility.
We are proud of our school community. To our residents, thank you for your ongoing support and for your dedication to excellence. If you are a newcomer or visitor to our site and/or our community, welcome to the Fairfield City School District!
Fairfield schools provide a challenging and supportive environment for the education of all students. We also value the diversity of our schools and community and hold high expectations for acceptance, support and inclusion.
Academic Excellence is reflected in student enrollment in Advanced Placement and Honors Programs, as well as college-level courses that give students post-secondary experiences. The combination of ambitious curriculum, advanced technology and mobile computer labs ensures that students receive exceptional schooling. For a complete listing, view our course offerings in
the Program of Studies by clicking here

Fairfield’s Fine Arts programs, including visual art, drama, choral, and instrumental can boast of state, regional and national recognition and commendation, regularly participating in and winning highest honors in invitation-only events and competitions.
Click here for more information regarding our Fine Arts programs.

District athletics programs are offered to 20 boys and girls athletic teams. We are a member of the prestigious Greater Miami Conference (GMC) and are proud that our athletic programs include district, regional and state champions in both individual events and team sport.
A variety of competitive academic extracurricular teams and student clubs ensure that the district's students have access to a well-rounded school experience. For more on our athletic programs click here.


Through an active network of parent/teacher councils, parent support groups for athletics and performing arts, business partnerships and mentoring programs, the community is an energetic ally in the success of Fairfield’s educational and extra-curricular programs.