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COVID-19 Updates

FCSD COVID-19 Data Dashboard
Disclaimer: The Fairfield City School District does not track positive cases or quarantines during extended school breaks. This includes:
  • Spring Break
  • Winter Break
  • Summer Break
Please see the announcement below the dashboard explaining changes to contact tracing, exposure notifications, and case investigations that took effect on January 31, 2022.
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Important Message from FCSD re: Latest Ohio Department of Health COVID-19 Recommendations
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fairfield City School District has followed guidelines established by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH). Per the latest ODH recommendations, the following changes regarding contact tracing, case investigation, and exposure notification will change, beginning Monday, January 31, 2022:
  • The Fairfield City School District will discontinue universal contact tracing but will assist our local health department with contact tracing, case investigation, and exposure notification related to outbreaks or clusters in schools as determined by the Butler County General Health District.
  • Because the school district will no longer conduct universal contact tracing, there will not be identifications of “close contacts.” As a result, students and staff will not be quarantined by the Butler County General Health District from exposure at school. An exception MAY occur if the Butler County General Health District determines there is a COVID 19 outbreak or cluster in one of our schools.
  • The district will no longer send exposure notifications to parents/guardians, but the district will continue to track and publish COVID-19 positive cases via the FCSD COVID-19 dashboard on our website. We ask that you monitor your child(ren) for symptoms and keep them home if they are sick.

The information above is included in a statement from Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff, Director of the Ohio Department of Health. Dr. Vanderhoff explains in the statement the reason for the shift:

“As COVID-19 has evolved, public health mitigation strategies have had to adjust periodically to address new challenges. The quick spread of the Omicron variant and its rapid clinical course have made universal contact tracing, case investigation, and exposure notification impractical when combined with newly reduced timelines for quarantine and isolation.”

As we make this transition on Monday, it is critical for parents/guardians to monitor their child(ren) for symptoms and to keep them home if they are sick. We continue to strongly recommend the use of facial coverings by students and staff, especially during this surge.

Thank you.
*Copies of both letters mentioned above are in the file list below.
Ohio Department of Health Flow Chart Explains New Process for Isolation and Quarantine
As we continue to follow guidance from the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) we want to share language from ODH that explains the process for isolation. 
  1. If you test positive, stay home for 5 days in isolation regardless of symptoms or vaccination status. On day 6, you may resume activities if you DO NOT have any symptoms. Wear a mask for the next 5 days. 
  2. If you are exposed, regardless of vaccination status, wear a mask around others for 10 days after your last exposure. It is recommended to test on day 5. If you have had COVID in the last 90 days, wear a mask around others for 10 days.
Mask to Stay is still an option.  Direct contacts in the school environment, regardless of vaccination or masking status, may remain in the classroom environment if they do the following:
  • Wear a mask for 10 days after their last date of exposure.
  • Self-monitor, or parent-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Isolate and get tested if they start to experience symptoms associated with COVID-19 (regardless of the level of severity). Direct contacts of COVID-19 are those individuals who are identified as being directly exposed to COVID-19 by the positive case. Testing on day 5 after exposure is recommended. 
Please note that all information is subject to change.
Follow the guidance in the graphic below about the proper ways to wear a mask from our partners at Mercy Health.

Do's and Don't for wearing a mask graphic.

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