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Graphic of the words #FairfieldPride in red type with a faded version of the district seal behind it. At the bottom is wrriten Excellence. Preparation for Life. Opportunities for All.
'Fairfield East is a caring and diverse community of learners that values and encourages every child. Our school will inspire joy in learning, and excel at preparing each student for the future.'

Click on the image below to access the 2022-23 East Open House presentations!
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6711 Morris Road
Fairfield, Ohio 45011
Phone: 513-737-5000
Fax: 513-737-5225
Attendance email (to report a student absence)
School Hours:
Office Hours:
Principal: Paige Gillespie, EdD
Head shot of Dr. Paige Gillespie, Principal at East.
Assistant Principal: Jonathan McEldowney
 Assistant Principal Joanthan McEldowney's photo
Image of Marla Mays
Marla Mays
Bullying and Harassment Specialist / Title IX Coordinator
Fairfield City School District
4641 Bach Lane
Fairfield, Ohio 45014
(513) 829-6300 ext. 7149
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Daily Student Pick-Up Procedures. We encourage all of our students to ride the bus but understand there are circumstances that require an end-of-the-day pickup. We have put procedures in place to make afternoon pick-up a safe experience for your child and you.  
  • Daily pick-up students will be dismissed to the cafeteria each afternoon at 3:08. 
  • Students will be released when their car arrives.  We have school staff members in the pick-up lane, they will radio to the staff member in the cafeteria indicating the NUMBER displayed on your rearview mirror.  This number will correspond to the same number displayed on your student's backpack. 
  • Students should be picked up at 3:10 PM.  Our buses leave our lot as close to 3:20 PM as possible.   
  • If an emergency should arise, please contact the school office immediately.  The office staff will let you know where to pick up your child.  Please know that the office closes at 3:45 PM and all children must be picked up prior to closing. 
  • All phoned-in changes of dismissal should be called in to the office no later than 2:00 PM.   

Our theme for this school year is CHAMPS. The overall goal of the CHAMPS building and classroom management system is to develop and instructional structure in which students are responsible, motivated, and highly engaged in the specific task at hand. CHAMPS is an acronym for the following:
C - Conversation
H - Help
A - Activity
M - Movement
P - Participation
S - Success
We have established CHAMPS expectations throughout the building. Check out the posters the next time you visit. Ask your child about CHAMPS!

Most of you are familiar with our building theme of 5-2-1-0. This theme represents positive healthy choices that each of us can make daily in our school and home. The concept is very easy! Each day we strive for 5 fruits and vegetables, 2 hours of screen time (or plug-in time), 1 hour of exercise, and 0 carbonated or sugary beverages!
Each quarter we will focus on one of the components.