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The Fairfield City School District Administration Building is located at 4641 Bach Lane in Fairfield, Ohio, 45014.
The building is open Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. unless otherwise indicated. 
The New Student Registration Center is also located here. The hours to register new students are 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. unless otherwise indicated. To reach administration office staff, please call (513) 829-6300
Fairfield City School District Leadership Team
Superintendent: Billy Smith, [email protected]
Treasurer: Nancy Lane, [email protected]
Assistant Superintendent: Dr. William Rice, [email protected] 
Director of Curriculum and Instruction: Mandy Aug, [email protected]
Director of Human Resources: Kim Hauer, [email protected] 
Director of School and Community Relations: Gina Gentry-Fletcher, [email protected]
Director of Special Services: Kathy Gilbert, [email protected]
Director of Student Services: Matt Crapo, [email protected]
Director of Business Operations: Lance Perry, [email protected]
Fairfield Board of Education
Staff Directory
Student Absences or Excuses
Regular attendance by all students is very important. In many cases, inconsistent attendance is a major reason for poor schoolwork.
However, some situations may cause a student to miss school. Parents or guardians are asked to notify the school by phone or email as early as possible on the day a student is absent. Also, a note from the parent or guardian explaining the reason for the absence is required when the student returns to school. 
The school will accept emails explaining the absence instead of a handwritten note.
Parents are encouraged to email their child's school before the start of school on the day of the absence with a reason for the absence.  Emails received before the start of the school day can be considered both notification and documentation of the student's absence.
Parents may send an email to the following to report an absence:

The district is required to attempt to notify the parent or guardian of a student who is absent without a legitimate excuse from school.  This notification will be made via the Remind notification system.
For more detailed information about our attendance and truancy policies, click here.
Bullying & Harassment / Non-Discrimination / Title IX
According to Fairfield Board of Education policy JFCF, "Bullying, harassment and intimidation is an intentional written, verbal, electronic or physical act that a student has exhibited toward another particular student more than once.  The intentional act also includes violence within a dating relationship.  The behavior causes mental or physical harm to the other student and is sufficiently severe, persistent or pervasive that it creates an intimidating, threatening or abusive educational environment for the other student.  This behavior is prohibited on school property, on a school bus or at a school-sponsored activity. Students found responsible for harassment, intimidation or bullying by an electronic act may be suspended."
It is the policy of this District to maintain a learning environment that is free from harassment because of an individual’s race, color, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, religion, sex (including sexual orientation and transgender identity), economic status, age, disability or military status.  The District prohibits any and all forms of harassment because of race, color, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, religion, sex (including sexual orientation and transgender identity), economic status, age, disability, or military status. 
*Reports will be electronically sent to the Fairfield City School District Bullying and Harassment / Nondiscrimination / Title IX Coordinator upon submission. Her contact information is listed below. 
Marla Mays
4641 Bach Lane
Fairfield, OH  45014
(513) 858-7149
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