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The public schools, more directly than other public enterprise, are dependent upon the active support of the citizenry. Accurate and ample information is needed so that citizens can participate intelligently in the discussion of school plans and decisions. A two-way flow of ideas between school and community enhances public understanding and promotes effective school-community relations.
The Board will cooperate with community representatives in furthering projects for the general good of the community and of the schools of the District.
The school-community relations program of the District will be directed by the Superintendent and will be based upon the following principles:
1. The school-community relations program will be a planned, systematic, two-way process of communications between the District and the community.
2. The program may use media sources and other forms of communications available to effectively communicate with the citizens and employees of the District.
3. Communications with the public should promote involvement, objective appraisal and support.
4. Communications must be internal as well as external and should provide factual, objective and realistic data.
5. The school communications program should be responsive both to events as they arise and to evaluations of the program.
[Adoption date: September 25, 1995]
LEGAL REF.:OAC 3301-35-03(J)
CROSS REF.:AE, School District Goals and Objectives
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