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Attendance Policies for Students

Regular attendance by all students is very important. In many cases, inconsistent attendance is a major reason for poor schoolwork. However, there are situations that may cause a student to miss school. Parents or guardians are asked to notify the school by phone or email as early as possible on the day a student is absent. Also, a note from the parent or guardian explaining the reason for the absence is required when the student returns to school.
The school will accept emails explaining the absence in lieu of a handwritten note.
The attendance email addresses for each school can be found by clicking here.
Details on what is considered an excused absence and acceptable documentation can be found in the Student Absences and Excuses (Policy JED) document below.
A student with thirty (30) or more consecutive unexcused school hours, or forty-two (42) or more unexcused school hours in one month, or seventy-two (72) or more unexcused school hours in one school year, is considered habitual truant under section 2151.011 of the Ohio Revised Code.
Details on truancy and its consequences can be found in the Truancy (Policy JEDA) document below.