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English Language Arts

We believe the Pre-K-12 English Language Arts program will provide all students with the foundation to become lifelong learners. In a highly technological society, it is necessary that students become critical readers and thinkers, effective communicators, capable writers and independent pursuers of knowledge. Instruction should be based on scientific research and include a balanced approach to literacy and differentiation of instruction to promote the development of higher order thinking skills.

We believe all students can be successful through standards-based planning, focused and engaging lessons, aligned assessments and needs-based interventions and enrichment. Frequent monitoring of student progress will help to achieve this goal.

Ohio tests students in language arts through the OST (Ohio State Test) in grades 3-8. High school students take EOC (End of Course) exams and English II.
Fairfield administers the MAP (Measurement of Academic Progress) for language arts in grades K – 8.
Third grade students are held accountable for the Third Grade Reading Guarantee.

Fairfield’s Core Literature List is a list of books that may or may not be used by the indicated grade levels. Several books are on the list because students may read them in a small group setting, or individual class assignment books. The books that are used in the Board adopted curriculum programs, are not all listed in this document. There are also excerpts from books used in classrooms, along with non-fiction pieces (articles, poetry, historical documents, informational works, etc.) that are not listed.