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Fairfield City School District's English Language Arts courses reflect Ohio's Learning Standards for English Language Arts. They are research and evidence based, aligned with college and work expectations, rigorous and internationally benchmarked. They focus on Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening and Language. Literacy standards also apply to history/social studies, science, and technical subjects.
Laura Griffin, Instructional Specialist of Language Arts
(513) 858-7115

Fairfield City School District values Fine Arts as a critical piece in the development of the whole child. Students are encouraged to discover and explore a variety of mediums and formats throughout their experiences as they progress through the grade levels. Fine Arts courses are based on Ohio's Learning Standards for Fine Arts.
Katie Pennell, Instructionalist Specialist of Music & Art
(513) 858-7125

The goal of Fairfield City School District's Health and Wellness program is to enhance lifelong healthy behaviors through the development of health literate individuals. Students will be provided with a variety of health experiences which will enable them to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills which build toward short and long-term healthy behavior choices.
Rob Beidelman, Instructional Specialist of Health
(513) 858-7130

Fairfield City School District believes the Pre-K-12 Mathematics program ensures that every student understands and can use mathematics effectively in everyday life. Effective mathematics instruction provides systematic and ongoing opportunites for students to think, explore, and discover.
Debi Freimuth, Instructional Specialist of Mathematics
(513) 858-7120

Physical Education teaches students the importance and value of a physically active lifestyle. There are a variety of benefits gained through physical education. Personal health, social skills, self-esteem, motor skills and knowledge base are areas that can be positively impacted.
Rob Beidelman, Instructional Specialist of Physical Education
(513) 858-7130

Ohio's New Learning Standards for Science and Model Curriculum for Science Education serve as a basis for what all students should know and be able to do in order to become scientifically literate citizens equipped with knowledge and skills for the 21st century workforce and higher education.
Lori Wegman, Instructional Specialist of Science
(513) 858-7129

Ohio's Learning Standards in Social Studies incorporate history, geography, government and economics in order to prepare students to be participating citizens. Specifically, social studies: helps students develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions for themselves and for the common good; prepares students for their role as citizens and decision makers in a diverse, democratic society; enables students to learn about significant people, places, events and issues in the past in order to understand the present; and fosters student's abilities to act responsibly and become successful problem solvers in an interdependent world of limited resources. 
Debi Freimuth, Instructional Specialist of Social Studies

Empowering the students of the Fairfield City School District to become lifelong learners and providing them with the skills to face future challenges resourcefully and creatively is critical. Helping students tap into technology's potential to amplify human capacity for collaboration, creativity and communication is critical to future success. Today's technology allows educators to level the playing field and provide ALL students worldwide with equitable access to powerful learning opportunities.
Katie Pennell, Instructional Specialist of Data and Technology
(513) 858-7125
Lori Wegman, Instructional Specialist of Data and Technology
(513) 858-7129
Dan Jeffers, Coordinator of Data and Technology
(513) 858-7121

The broad goals delineated in Ohio's World Language Learning Standards are based on a set of linguistic and cultural principles that guide communicative world language. These philosophical precepts are anchored in language education research and supported by the Fairfield World Language Department.
Ricardo Calles, Instructional Specialist of World Languages
(513) 942-2999 ext. 2528

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Katie Pospisil, Coordinator of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction
(513) 858-7123