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Dan Jeffers, Coordinator of Data and Technology, K-12
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Ohio's technology standards address a broad range of technology experiences with application in computer and multimedia literacy, information literacy and technological literacy in order to provide the best possible foundation for technology achievement.

Computer and multimedia literacy is the ability to appropriately use hardware, software applications, multimedia tools and other electronic technology. It includes the usage of technology tools for productivity and communication. Computer and multimedia literacy forms the foundation for advanced study in computer science. Information literacy is the acquisition, interpretation and dissemination of information.

Information literacy focuses on effective methods for locating, evaluating, using and generating information. Technology-based information literacy skills encompass the utilization of the Internet and other electronic information resources for research and knowledge building.

Technological literacy addresses the abilities needed to participate in a technological world. It is the intersection of mathematics, science and technology. It encompasses unique knowledge, devices and capabilities used to solve problems. It identifies career connections between technology and the world of work. Technological literacy includes technology education and encompasses pre-engineering concepts.