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Reminders - Vaccine, Cell Phones, Fees...

The State of Ohio requires all students to have had a Tdap or TD vaccination prior to entering the 7th grade. The vaccination must have been given during the 5 year period before the first day of 7th grade. We are hoping to get these dates turned in and on the students’ medical records by the end of April, to facilitate the transition of the records to the Middle School. Those students who do not have the vaccine documented in writing by the doctor will be excluded from entering the seventh grade. Thanks to all of you who have already complied. There is still a large number of students who have NOT turned in a vaccination date. Please call the nurse's office with questions at 829-4504, Ext. 102. These can also be faxed to the Intermediate School at 829-7447, or your child can bring it to school to give to the nurse. Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.
Cell Phones: Students bringing cell phones to school must register their phones. Registration forms are available in the grade level office. All cell phones brought to school must be registered.
Reminder to Parents: School fees may be paid online with your credit cards. Go to and click on PaySchools Central, or go directly to the site here: You can set up an account with your child's student ID number. You can also add money to your child's lunch account through this program.
Lost and Found: Has your child lost a coat, lunch box, glasses? We have Lost & Found in each grade level office and on tables in the first floor cafeteria. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you label all lunch boxes, coats, hats, etc. with your child's name. If the name is on the item, we have a system in place to get it back to the student. Lost glasses are turned in to the Main Office. Be sure to label glasses cases as well.
Tardies: Help us prevent student tardies. Students need to arrive by 7:06 a.m. and be in their classes by 7:15 a.m. when the tardy bell rings. Remember that three tardies equals one unexcused absence and twelve unexcused absences can lead to a citation to court according to our district's attendance policy. We will be calling chronic tardy students to the office to meet with Mr. Maine throughout the year.
Absences: When students are absent, we ask that parents email the following address to report student absences:[email protected] This will serve as both a call-in and note. Parents may also choose to call to report student absences on the day of the absence and send a note when the child returns. These emails and notes are entered into Progress Book daily but there is a delay for these excuses to appear on the screen.