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Board of Education Presentations

This page is intended to share information with the public about presentations by school and district administration at Fairfield Board of Education meetings. A synopsis of each presentation appears below. PDF files of each presentation are in the file list at the bottom of this page or click the summary headline to access it.   
Board of Education Meeting Presentations for 2023-2024

HOPE Squad members Devin Ibrahim-Duncan, Julia Schuster, Rojita Rai, and Nihar Patel presented an update on the work of the squad. HOPE Squad is a school-based, peer-to-peer, suicide prevention program that emphasizes suicide prevention fundamentals, self-care and anti-bullying. The purpose of a HOPE Squad is to improve access and availability to appropriate prevention services for youth who are at risk for suicide. The HOPE Squad Program functions as a peer support team with the goal of providing kindness, encouragement, and support for students in our school who may be struggling. Click the lheadline above to view the presentation slides. 

Katie Pospisil, Coordinator of Secondary Curriculum & Instruction, shared with the School Board the various pathways and opportunities available to FHS students. View the slides from her presentation by clicking the headline above. The link to the taped presentation will be added once it is available. 
Jay Muldoon and Mindy Reed, FHS teachers and leaders in the Drama Department presented a proposal to the Board of Education to rename the  Performing Arts Center to honor the more than 90 years of service that the Davis's have dedicated to theater programs in the District. They founded Troupe 390, and were instrumental in pioneering the performance of "Hello Dolly" and "West Side Story." Supporters are asking that the PAC be renamed to "Fairfield High School Performing Arts Center - The Jim and Pat Davis House."   View the presentation slides by clicking the headline above. 
Superintendent Billy Smith gave Board members a glimpse of the positive things that have happened in the FCSD since the start of the school year. His annual address highlights student achievements, staff accolades, program successes and much more to showcase the many opportunities available to all FCSD students.
View the presentation slides (mostly photos) by clicking the headline above. View the recorded meeting session by clicking this link.(the link should be accessible by February 3).
Jill Wilhelm, music department chairperson at Fairfield High School shared valuable information about the importance of music programs in our schools. Among the positives are listed below.
  • Prepares students for college and career
  • Prepares the brain for focused attention
  • Supports healthy students
  • Connects cultures and people
  • Creates community
For more on this impactful presentation, please click on the headline above.
Review the presentation by clicking the headline above. You may also watch the live presentation by clicking this link:
FCSD Treasurer Nancy Lane presented the latest Five Year Forecast to board members.
The Ohio Department of Education's purposes/objectives for the five-year forecast are:
1.To serve as a basis for determining the school district's ability to sign the certificate required by O.R.C. §5705.412, commonly known as the "412
2.To provide a method for the Department of Education and Auditor of State to identify school districts with potential financial problems.
3.To engage the local board of education and the community in the long range planning and discussions of financial issues facing the school district.
Forecast Methodology - This forecast is prepared based upon historical trends and current factors. This information is then extrapolated into estimates for
subsequent years. The forecast variables can change multiple times throughout the fiscal year and while cash flow monitoring helps to identify unexpected
variances no process is guaranteed. The intent is to provide the district's financial trend over time and a roadmap for decisions aimed at encouraging
financial sustainability and stability.
The detailed presentation can be accessed by clicking on the headline above.
Our high school counselors play an essential role in creating equitable, inclusive school culture promoting success for all. School counselors help all students in the following areas:
  • Academic
  • Social/Emotional
  • College/Career 
Click the headline above to learn more about how these hard-working school counselors make a difference in our students' futures.
We have made significant strides on the State Report Card. The report card measures growth in several components. These components include:
  • Achievement
  • Progress
  • Early Literacy
  • Gap Closing
  • Graduation
  • College, Career, Workforce, and Military Readiness (report only - will be rated on 2024-2025 report card)
*New this year - Overall Rating*
All of our schools are meeting state expectations, and four of our schools are exceeding expectations - Compass, South, North, and Central.
There is much more information to review, so please click the link in the headline to learn more. 
Nathaniel Kaelin, Economic Development Manager, presented an overview of proposed guidelines for its offering tax incentives for new development. Please click the headline for more detail information.
FCSD Treasurer Nancy Lane explained the funding system for K-12 public schools in Ohio during a presentation to the Board of Education on October 19. Called the Fair School Funding Formula, the system is based on a shared responsibility where both the state and local community must bear a proportional responsibility for making certain every student has the opportunity to receive an adequate education.
Key elements of the funding formula are listed below.
  • Funds students where they are educated, not where they live.
  • Input-based funding model - establishes a base cost methodology
  • Partnership between state and local school district
  • Provides supplemental money based on student needs and demographics.
Click the headline above for a more detailed explanation. 
Matt Crapo, Director of Student Services, presented an overview of the Open Enrollment program's policies, procedures for accepting or denying applications, and student data. Please click the headline above to view a more in-depth look at the program. 
Central Elementary Principal Karrie Gallo, along with her "student teachers," fifth graders Sabrina Beer, Landon Beer, and Gavin Beers, presented the components of the Fountas and Pinnell Classroom Program. The program is a multi-text approach to literacy instructions for elementary students. The "teachers" read a story to board members to give an example of the Read Aloud component of the program. Learn more by clicking the the headline above. 
Aaron Blankenship, Fairfield Athletic Director, and Lance Perry, Director of Business Operations, presented an athletic department update at the August 21 Board of Education meeting. 
Did you know?
  • Fairfield has 99 total teams.
  • Fairfield has a total of 1,194 student-athletes.
  • Fairfield has 295 multi-sport athletes.
  • 40 College Commitments.  
  • We sold more tickets than any other high school in Ohio.
Click the link above to learn more about our stellar athletic program!
The FCSD School Resource Officer Program includes Fairfield Police Department officers who work tirelessly to keep our schools, students, and staff safe. The four officers who serve as SROs are:
  • SRO Rob Corner, Fairfield High School and Compass Elementary
  • SRO Zach Shust. Freshman School and West Elementary
  • SRO Todd Adamson, Crossroads Middle, Academy, and Central Elementary
  • SRO Bri Mossman, Creekside Middle and South Elementary