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Board of Education Presentations

This page is intended to share information with the public about presentations by school and district administration at Fairfield Board of Education meetings. A synopsis of each presentation appears below.  Previous presentations are listed at the bottom of this
Image of the first slide of a presentation about the purchase of 32 acres of land from FF Township District to Purchase 32 Acres in Fairfield Township for Future District Use; No Immediate Plans for New Schools
The Fairfield Board of Education approved a request September 5 from school district leaders to purchase 32 acres in Fairfield Township for future use. 
The approval followed a presentation by Superintendent Billy Smith and Treasurer Nancy Lane about the opportunity to buy the land, located at the northwest corner of Hamilton-Mason Road and Gilmore Road, "at a very reasonable price" from the township through its Community Improvement Corporation. "We are very thankful to the Fairfield Township Board of Trustees for giving us this opportunity," Mr. Smith said. "While we will begin the Building Pride 2.0 process this fall, the district has no immediate plans to build new schools," Mr. Smith told board members at the meeting. "The Building 2.0 process does prepare 
Map of the location of the purchased land us for the future. It allows the district to have a plan in place if and when it decides to consider new buildings, configurations, etc. The district had plans to initiate the Building Pride 2.0 process prior to discussions about this property."
Building Pride 2.0 is an update on the current facility plan. The initial phase includes assessing current facilities this school year to determine needs and costs. The next phase will include reviewing the assessments and the correlation with the current facility maintenance plan. The property will cost the district $40,000 per acre for a total of $1.28 million.  Funding will come from the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) required .50-mill permanent improvement/maintenance levy approved by voters in 2014 with the bond issue. Mrs. Lane said a portion of the levy is required to be set aside to maintain our newest schools - Freshman, Central and Compass. "The other portion may be used for purchases that will last at least five (5) years (including land)," she said.  Board members agreed that the township and CIC provided a fair price to the district, and that having the land eliminates a need to purchase in the future should there be a need to build. 
Mr. Smith said the Building Pride 2.0 process will consider a number of factors, including building space and programming. Community input will also be a component. "We are going to remain committed to the Building Pride 2.0 process and see where it takes us," Smith said.
View the presentation by clicking on the title image above, or select from the files listed at the bottom of this page. 
Image of the Academy Expansion slide for presentation on the expansion of the academy to include 6-8th graders Board Hears Plan to Expand Alternative Learning Opportunities 
A proposal to expand current alternative learning opportunities will include sixth (6th)-through-eighth (8th) graders in space to be created at the Fairfield Academy. The plan was presented by Mandy Aug, Director of Curriculum and Instruction; Kyle Jamison, Director of the Academy; and Joseph Penney, Director of Business Operations. 
Under the proposal, the Academy administration would work closely with Crossroads and Creekside middle schools to identify students who might benefit from the non-traditional learning environment at the Academy. The full-day program would have a total of 30 students - 15 seats available to each school. Transportation would be provided, and students would have support from three teachers and the current administration and office staff at the Academy. At no time would the middle school participants be in the same learning areas with high school students.  Students would also have direct access to the Academy's current community resources and mental health supports. For more information, please view the presentation by clicking the image on the left. It is also listed at the bottom of this page for download.  
Image of the title slide for the Elementary Counselors Presentation. It is just that wording.
Elementary  Counselors Share Update on Work with Students at May 2 Board Meeting - 4,300 Students Impacted
CSD elementary school counselors were added this year to assist with our younger students' social and emotional needs.
Did You Know? In just 2.5 days in each of our six elementary buildings per week, our elementary counselors have...
(1) - Supported about 4,300 students in grades K-5 this year;
(2) - Visited more than 170 classrooms for large group lessons; 
(3) - Counseled approximately 461 students in small groups; 
(4) - Conducted roughly 1,715 individual counseling sessions. 
Learn more about our new elementary counselors - Erica Green (South and Compass), Amy Hauer - East and North; and Brecka Russo (West and Central) - and how they help our youngest students' social emotional learning. They, along with Jennie Thompson, FCSD elementary curriculum coordinator, presented a progress report at the board of education meeting on May 2. 
Click the image on the left (or download the presentation at the bottom of this page) to view data and other information critical to their work.
Title slide for presentation at school board meeting called Strategies for parents Preventing Summer Slide.
FCSD Curriculum Department Provides Strategies for Preventing Summer Slide at May 2 Board of Education Meeting
Click the image to the left for tips on how to keep your kids on track during summer break.
Building Pride 2.019 - 5-Step Plan for Success Presented March 21
Joseph Penney, FCSD Director of Business Operations, returned to the board March 21 to follow-up on his presentation in December about the 
possibility of updating the District Facility Plan. Contact was made with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (formerly the OSFC) to
 share our interest in updating our current plan. OFCC representatives said 
funding levels and the approximately 100 school districts currently in line for funding would result in a projected seven (7)-to-eight (8)-year wait for state funding.  Our current facilities are up to 63 years old and have significant improvement needs. Possible legislative changes may also work in our favor.  Mr. Penney presented a five (5)-step plan for success:
1. Facility assessment to determine needs and costs in the fall of 2019.
2. Evaluation of assessment results to compare it with our current facility maintenance plan, needs and financial plan during the first half of 2020.
3. Progress assessment, or using the information from steps one (1) and two (2) above to decide if it is time to begin the next phases of the plan. Consideration would also be given to our status with the OFCC and any legislative changes. A decision to move forward would be the beginning of the stakeholder engagement portion of the process. 
4. Establish focus group to discuss our facilities and establish a master plan for facilities that provides a vision for the future.
5. Update the Master Plan supported by the community to guide decisions and financial planning that would be available in case of a funding offer from the state. Input would come from faculty/staff, community members, students and administration.  
Click the Building Pride image above to review the full presentation, or visit
Click the image on the left for an update presented by Mark Harden, FCSD Athletic Director, at the March 7 Board of Education meeting, or visit the Masrch 7 work session link on

Baseball/Softball Facility Improvements Updated at February 21 Board of Education Meeting
Joe Penney, Director of Business Operations, presented an update to the board of the improvements at the softball and baseball fields. The excitement is  mounting as preparations continue for the start of the baseball and softball seasons which kick off in late March. View before and after photos of the facilities in the presentation at the bottom of this page.
 State of the District Presented to Board of Education February 7
 Superintendent Billy Smith shared with board members the State of the District during the work session on February 7. In it, Mr. Smith highlighted student opportunities and achievements, staff development and training, safety and security, and continued efforts to maintain a positive schooll experience. He also updated the board on progress with community partnerships, district outreach and community engagement opportunities. To view the presentation in its entirety, please select the file at the bottom of this page.
FCSD Equity Leadership Team Updates Board on Diversity Plan Progress Dec. 20
The Equity Leadership Team (ELT) of the Fairfield City School District presented its annual progress report on our diversity work at the December 20 meeting. Committee members updated the board on the work being done within each of the four guiding pillars:
I. Recruit, hire and retain teachers, administrators and staff of color.
II. Increase cultural awareness of all students, teachers, administrators and staff of the FCSD.
III. Increase community engagement and parental involvement.
IV. Increase student engagement and learning opportunities to emphasize the value and importance of the participation of diverse students in all curricular and extracurricular activities. 
Members of the ACT-SO (African-American Cultural and Technical Scientific Olympiad) class at the high school shared feedback on the new class and projects they are working on for local, regional and national competition. Projects include sculpture, painting, photography, biology, dermatology research, playwriting, poetry and entrepreneurship.
The ELT is also expanding the scope of the plan to reach students with disabilities and special needs, economically disadvantaged students, and individuals with mental health needs. To view the presentation, please select the file at the bottom of the page. 
Facility Master Planning Process Reviewed and Current Options for Future Presented to Board of Education Dec. 6
Joseph Penney, Director of Business Operations for the district, presented a retrospective overview of the FCSD 2011 Facility Master Planning Process that included a look at the progress of the goals in the plan. Mr. Penney also discussed current options of the plan and proposed steps for the future of the district. This section of the presentation is referred to as Building Pride 2.019. The full presentation is available for review at the bottom of this page. 
West Elementary 5th Grade Building Leadership & Communication Champs Program Presented Nov. 15
School leaders at West Elementary School presented to the Board of Education information about the 5th Grade Champs program at the November 15 meeting. The program is teaching 5th graders how to be school leaders and to communicate effectively in positive ways. They are learning about gratitude and giving back, are part of the school Safety Patrol, and participate in the communication group Girls Gab and Boys Blab for opportunities for positive peer interaction and leadership skills building.  The program also includes a kindergarten and first grade buddies program to help the students lead by being positive role models. The program was presented by Brecka Russo, Counselor; Terrez Thomas, assistant principal; and Missy Muller, Principal. View the full presentation at the bottom of this page. 

Five Year Forecast Presented October 18
Fairfield City School District Treasurer Nancy Lane presented the Five Year Forecast at the October 18 Board of Education meeting. The purpose of the forecast is to engage the Board and the community in the long range planning and discussions of financial issues facing the school district. It also serves as a basis for determining the school district’s ability to sign the certificate required by the Ohio Revised Code section 5705.412 (the 412 certificate), and provides a method for the Department of Education and Auditor of State to identify school districts with potential financial problems. The forecast is posted in the file list at the bottom of this page. Page 15 of the forecast provides a financial summary for the district through fiscal year 2023. 

Baseball-Softball Fields Upgrades to Move Forward
The baseball and softball fields adjacent to Creekside Middle School will soon have a new walkway, backstop, protective netting and padding as part of plans to renovate the aging complex. A feasibility study, along with proposals for the upgrades, was presented to the Board of Education September 6 by Joe Penney, FCSD Director of Business Operations. New bleachers with increased seating on the home side are currently onsite. The project will improve access to the baseball pedestrian bridge with the addition of a paved walkway.  ADA -compliant ramps will also be installed. Read more about the upcoming changes by viewing the presentation at the bottom of the page. 

Board of Education Approves Resolution to Join Butler County Finance District
The Fairfield Board of Education voted unanimously June 28 to approve a resolution to join the Butler County School Financing District (CSFD). The CSFD will provide an alternative funding source for school safety, security and mental health services. A top priority, said Superintendent Billy Smith, is ensuring that some of the revenue from a county-wide levy estimated to generate $2.1 million for the district, be used to provide school resource officers for schools. 
“Providing a safe and secure environment for our kids, staff members and community members is a top priority,” Smith said during the meeting. “As a parent there is nothing more important than sending your child off to school and knowing that they are safe. We know how important it is for our kids and our families.”
The board must next approve a resolution to pursue a 10-year, 1.5-mill levy as part of the CSFD. The levy would cost the owner of a home valued at $100,000 about $52.50 per year. Only districts that join the CSFD can receive revenues generated from the county-wide tax issue. The amount each district receives is based on property valuations. 
Fairfield City Schools is one of six Butler County school districts that initially expressed an interest in joining the CSFD. The finance district is run through the Butler County Educational Service Center, which is authorized to levy a county-wide tax exclusively for school safety, security, and mental health services because of an amendment to House Bill 226, which took effect March 30. 
Fairfield schools is planning to do a security vulnerability assessment to determine additional security measures needed. The board will consider the resolution to pursue the levy at the July 12 meeting. That meeting is at 6:30 p.m. in the Catherine D. Milligan Community Room at Fairfield High School.
View the presentation slides at the bottom of the page. 

Fairfield Academy to Expand Options to Include Virtual School
The Fairfield Academy Virtual School will further meet the diverse learning needs of our students, provide more flexibility for families, and increase graduation rate, and college and career readiness.The FAVS will provide another alternative for the more than 200 families in our district that currently use other online or homeschooling options. Students who enroll will be part of the Fairfield City School District and will have the opportunity to experience high school extracurriculars, sports, music, dances, events and more.  They will graduate with a Fairfield High School diploma, and have access to Fairfield Academy staff, resources and electives. Learn more about this exciting new component by viewing the presentation below.
Fairfield City Schools Awarded $800,000 Grant to use for Preschool and Secondary Literacy Programs
The Striving Readers Grant will be used for materials for students and teachers in the peschool program. At the middle schools, funding will be used for two literacy coaches, materials for students and teachers, professional development, and strategies in content areas, vocabulary and comprehension.
Learn more by viewing the presentation from the June 7 Board of Education. The presentation is posted at the bottom of the page. 
New Elementary School Counselors to Assist with FCSD Continuum of Student Support
Three new counseling positions will be added in 2018-19 to support our youngest learners in the elementary schools. The counselors will serve two elementary buildings each as part of a larger plan to better serve the social, emotional and mental health needs of our elementary students. The district Mental Health Committee formed a subcommittee to research and identify ways to expand services to reach all children. As a district, especially in the elementary buildings, we are seeing children with an increase in anxiety and depression, suicidal tendancies, Foster placement, being raised by someone other than their parents, and a lack of social emotional skills. Having counselors in the elementary schools will provide:
  • Individual and small group counseling
  • Crisis intervention
  • Classroom instruction (as needed)
  • Positive behavior support
  • Social emotional support for students and their families
  • Connection for students and families to community resources
  • Mental health referrals
Learn more about the subcommittee's presentation to the Board of Education May 17 by viewing the information at the bottom of the page. 
Five Year Forecast Presented May 17 
Fairfield City School District Treasurer Nancy Lane presented the Five Year Forecast to the board of Education on May 17. Ohio Department of Education's purposes/objectives for the five-year forecast are:
1. To engage the local board of education and the community in the long range planning and discussions of financial issues facing the school district.
2. To serve as a basis for determining the school district's ability to sign the certificate required by O.R.C. §5705.412, commonly known as the "412 certificate."
3. To provide a method for the Department of Education and Auditor of State to identify school districts with potential financial problems.
The executive summary states that the District's construction project of replacing two (2) buildings and opening an additional elementary building were completed in time for the opening of the 2017-2018 school year. Staffing and additional costs for utilities, supplies and materials have been added to the general fund beginning in fiscal year 2018.The District negotiated a new salary schedule for certificated staff in the spring of 2017 which is effective for FY2018 through FY2020. The new salary schedule was implemented to try and attract and retain quality teachers for the District. The District continues to be limited on state funding growth because of the formula cap in place. For FY2018 and FY2019, the District is limited to a 3% increase in funding.Spending is expected to exceed revenue by the end of FY2019. Cash reserves will be used to help offset the deficit spending.The full forecast is in the file list at the bottom of the page.

Fairfield Prevention Coalition Presents Student Drug Use Survey Data at May 3 School Board Meeting
Deborah Neyer, M.Ed., executive director of the Fairfield Prevention Coalition presented data to board members about the bi-annual PRIDE Student Drug Use Survey. The survey measures substance abuse use, and the 2018 survey involved 3,380 Fairfield students. 
The presentation, including survey findings is included in the file list at the bottom of the page. 
School District Safety & Security Overview Presented to School Board March 1
The tragedy in Parkland, Fla., as well as threats across the state, prompted Jeff Madden, FCSD Student Services Director, to present to our School Board on how we keep students and staff safe. The presentation in the file list below is not a complete look at our safety protocols, but is intended to serve as an overview to let parents and community members know that the safety of our students and staff is a top priority.  We are not permitted to share our plan with the public so as to protect the integrity of our safe and secure program.
Middle School Redesign Working Well for Creekside and Crossroads Students, Staff

Our redesigned middle schools are providing students at Creekside and Crossroads more opportunities to succeed academically, emotionally and socially. We continue to monitor the progress of this initiative – the result of the district’s opening of a second middle school and adding sixth graders to the grade level roster.

The work of the Middle School Redesign Team, made up of middle school teachers, counselors, building level and district administrators, has resulted in several programs that provide students in grades 6-8 courses and programs to meet their needs:

  • Advisory
  • LINC (Learning Individualized through New Connections)
  • Tiered Intervention System
  • Positive Behavior Intervention Supports
  • New Electives and "Mandatory" Health and Study Skills for 6th Graders

Who is part of the Middle School Redesign Team 2.0? Tim Adams, Rob Beidelman, Damon Bullock, Allison Cline, Kari Franchini, Erica Green, Laura Griffin, Amy Hauer, Bridget Hauser, Dave Maine, Shannon Raquet, Elyse Parker, Katie Pospisil, Lisa Pugh, Laura Siebenburgen, Laura Sweeney, Heather Tash and Lani Wildow. This presentation is listed in the files at the bottom of the page. 

Image of the title slide to the PowerPoint presentation posted about maintenance projects

Upkeep on FCSD Facilities to Continue During Summer of 2018

The summer of 2018 will be a busy one in the Fairfield City School District as new roofs replace old ones at three schools, brick restoration takes place on the buildings and an elevated walkway at another is replaced.  

The work is part of an ongoing preventive maintenance program for the district. North and West elementary schools, and Creekside Middle School will get new roofs this summer, while the brick on some exterior areas of East and North elementaries will be repaired. South Elementary is in line to have its elevated walkway replaced to address its poor condition.

In addition to preventive maintenance, the soccer stadium will receive a new face as the grass playing surface is being replaced with artificial turf.

Tom Weiser, Director of Business Operations, recently presented these projects as part of an update to the Fairfield Board of Education on past, present and future maintenance projects. The new roofs are expected to last approximately 20 years.

The proactive schedule of maintenance began in 2012. It includes projects to be completed over time with buildings, grounds, and district transportation. Since that time, we have gradually replaced our fleet of buses, maintenance vehicles, and building equipment such as heat pumps and chillers. Air conditioning is now in all schools, and our parking lots are repaired and resurfaced according to the schedule.  Additionally, you may have noticed the wood gym floor installed at Crossroads Middle, and the refinished floor in the high school arena and at Creekside Middle, as well as the resurfaced tennis courts at the high school.

The district has also tackled some major projects during this time. The artificial turf installation at Fairfield Stadium, transforming the former administrative offices to the Academy, and renovating the football stadium are examples. Others include resurfacing the track and creating space for the School-Based Health Center located behind the Academy.

While work on some projects is contracted out, we also rely on the small, but skilled maintenance staff.

“We have a very small maintenance staff,” Mr. Weiser said. “They work hard at taking a proactive approach to keeping our equipment and facilities maintained.”

For a detailed look at Mr. Weiser’s presentation, view the file below.