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Board of Education Presentations

This page is intended to share information with the public about presentations by school and district administration at Fairfield Board of Education meetings. A synopsis of each presentation appears below.  Presentations are listed at the bottom of this page.
School District Safety & Security Overview Presented to School Board March 1
The tragedy in Parkland, Fla., as well as threats across the state, prompted Jeff Madden, FCSD Student Services Director, to present to our School Board on how we keep students and staff safe. The presentation in the file list below is not a complete look at our safety protocols, but is intended to serve as an overview to let parents and community members know that the safety of our students and staff is a top priority.  We are not permitted to share our plan with the public so as to protect the integrity of our safe and secure program.
Middle School Redesign Working Well for Creekside and Crossroads Students, Staff

Our redesigned middle schools are providing students at Creekside and Crossroads more opportunities to succeed academically, emotionally and socially. We continue to monitor the progress of this initiative – the result of the district’s opening of a second middle school and adding sixth graders to the grade level roster.

The work of the Middle School Redesign Team, made up of middle school teachers, counselors, building level and district administrators, has resulted in several programs that provide students in grades 6-8 courses and programs to meet their needs:

  • Advisory
  • LINC (Learning Individualized through New Connections)
  • Tiered Intervention System
  • Positive Behavior Intervention Supports
  • New Electives and "Mandatory" Health and Study Skills for 6th Graders

Who is part of the Middle School Redesign Team 2.0?

Tim Adams, Rob Beidelman, Damon Bullock, Allison Cline, Kari Franchini, Erica Green, Laura Griffin, Amy Hauer, Bridget Hauser, Dave Maine, Shannon Raquet, Elyse Parker, Katie Pospisil, Lisa Pugh, Laura Siebenburgen, Laura Sweeney, Heather Tash and Lani Wildow.

 This presentation is listed in the files at the bottom of the page. 
Image of the title slide to the PowerPoint presentation posted about maintenance projects

Upkeep on FCSD Facilities to Continue During Summer of 2018

The summer of 2018 will be a busy one in the Fairfield City School District as new roofs replace old ones at three schools, brick restoration takes place on the buildings and an elevated walkway at another is replaced.  

The work is part of an ongoing preventive maintenance program for the district. North and West elementary schools, and Creekside Middle School will get new roofs this summer, while the brick on some exterior areas of East and North elementaries will be repaired. South Elementary is in line to have its elevated walkway replaced to address its poor condition.

In addition to preventive maintenance, the soccer stadium will receive a new face as the grass playing surface is being replaced with artificial turf.

Tom Weiser, Director of Business Operations, recently presented these projects as part of an update to the Fairfield Board of Education on past, present and future maintenance projects. The new roofs are expected to last approximately 20 years.

The proactive schedule of maintenance began in 2012. It includes projects to be completed over time with buildings, grounds, and district transportation. Since that time, we have gradually replaced our fleet of buses, maintenance vehicles, and building equipment such as heat pumps and chillers. Air conditioning is now in all schools, and our parking lots are repaired and resurfaced according to the schedule.  Additionally, you may have noticed the wood gym floor installed at Crossroads Middle, and the refinished floor in the high school arena and at Creekside Middle, as well as the resurfaced tennis courts at the high school.

The district has also tackled some major projects during this time. The artificial turf installation at Fairfield Stadium, transforming the former administrative offices to the Academy, and renovating the football stadium are examples. Others include resurfacing the track and creating space for the School-Based Health Center located behind the Academy.

While work on some projects is contracted out, we also rely on the small, but skilled maintenance staff.

“We have a very small maintenance staff,” Mr. Weiser said. “They work hard at taking a proactive approach to keeping our equipment and facilities maintained.”

For a detailed look at Mr. Weiser’s presentation, view the file below.