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Board of Education Presentations

This page is intended to share information with the public about presentations by school and district administration at Fairfield Board of Education meetings. A synopsis of each presentation appears below. PDF files of each presentation are in the file list at the bottom of this page or click the summary headline to access it.   
Board of Education Meeting Presentations 2022-2023
FCSD Treasurer Nancy Lane presented the Five Year Forecast to Board of Education members during their regular meeting on May 18. Key components of the forecast include:
  • A revenue shortfall is expected in fiscal year 2023, which means that expenditures are expected to be greater than revenue by $10.4 million. 
  • By the last year of the forecast in fiscal year 2027, the district is expected to have a revenue shortfall where expenditures are projected to be greater than revenue by$27.46 million.
  • The district would have to cut its fiscal year projected expenses by 20.6% in order to balance its budget without additional revenue.
  • The district's cash balance is positive at year-end in fiscal year 2024, but is expected to worsen by fiscal year 2027.
  • This forecast includes the Fair School Funding Plan adopted by Ohio starting in fiscal year 2022.
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The Service and Leadership Club at Fairfield Freshman School shared its busy year helping out in the community during a presentation to the Board of Education at the March 16 meeting. 
The club is focused on serving the community and being leaders in the community. Members work with local charities and organizations to help others in need. Their work provides them various opportunities to help a cross-section of individuals while serving organizations such as the Fairfield Food Pantry, RASKALS (which benefits senior citizens), the Missons in Motion shoe collection drive, and working with dementia and Alzheimer's patients, to name just a few. To learn more, please click on the headline above.
Superintendent Billy Smith and Treasurer Nancy Lane explained the options available regarding levies, and other items related to funding District operations. The options discussed are listed below.
  • Operating: For day-to-day expenses – salaries, benefits, utilities, textbooks, supplies (Various types are listed on the full presentation slides and can be accessed by clicking the link above)
  • Permanent Improvement: For maintenance and/or repair of school property, buses, and technology – must have a useful life of 5 years or more
  • Bonds: Used for construction – for a specific dollar amount and specific period of time
  • Income Tax: Earned or unearned; applies to residents of the district; can be continuing or for a specific number of years; does not apply to corporations; takes 18 months for a full collection; not subject to a reduction factor.
To review the presentation slides, please click the headline above. A link to the videotaped presentation can be accessed here:
The District is looking at ways to cut spending through a number of proposed cost-saving measures. The FCSD Leadership Team presented their research on possible department cuts of approximately $4.3 million. The team looked at areas that did not impact teaching and learning. The priority will continue to be to minimize that impact. 
The cost savings fell under the following topics:  
  • Attrition
  • EL Tutor Program Restructure
  • Online Learning Program Restructure
  • Reductions in Building and Department Budgets
  • Capital Improvement Plan Redesign - Only essential capital projects.
A second part of this presentation is scheduled for the March 2 work session. The leadership team will continue to research additional cost-cutting measures. To view the presentation slides, please click on the headline above. 
FCSD Superintendent Billy Smith presented the annual State of the District to Board of Education members at the February 2 work session. Themes included:
  • Meeting the Needs of the Whole Child
  • Safe, Secure & Positive Learning Environment
  • Community Engagement.
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Matt Crapo, Director of Student Services, presented an update to the Board at the January 12 meeting.
The Mission/Vision of the center is listed below. 
•Improve community wellness through access to quality,
affordable healthcare
•Increase utilization of primary care to decrease the
utilization of emergency services for non emergent needs
•Ensure the students of Fairfield City Schools are in school,
healthy, and ready to learn.
•Provide access to primary medical, dental, behavioral
health, and optical care.
The service is making a difference to our families and removing barriers to learning. Additionally, the center is successful because it 
•Provides access to care during the school day
•Provides transportation 
•Accepts Medicaid, Medicare, commercially insured, and sliding fees
•Allows for kids not to miss a whole day, and parents don’t have to take off work
•Teachers and nurses can work with parents as they see the need to get the kids in (glasses, dental, mental health, etc.).
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FCSD Treasurer Nancy Lane presented the Five Year Forecast at the November 17 meeting. The object of the forecast is three-fold:
  • To engage the Board of Education and the community in the long-range planning and discussions of financial
    issues facing the school district
  • To serve as a basis for determining the school district’s ability to sign the certificate required by
    Ohio Revised Code section 5705 412 commonly known as the 412 certificate”
  • To provide a method for the Department of Education and Auditor of State to identify school districts with
    potential financial problems
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The FCSD Curriculum and Instruction Department presented a look at how our schools fared on the 2021-2022 Report Card. The Ohio Department of Education uses data reported by districts and schools to analyze performance in several categories. The components are:
  • Achievement
  • Progress
  • Early Literacy
  • Gap Closing
  • Graduation
  • College, Career, Workforce and Military Readiness (which was not rated in 2021-22)
  • Overall Component Score *which was not provided in 2021-22)
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Did you know that our newcomer EL families come from Guatemala, Mexico, Ghana,
Democratic Republic of Congo, Nepal, Cambodia, and more. They speak Spanish, Nepali, French, Arabic, Khmer, Twi, Lingala and many others.
Over 400 students are identified as an Immigrant Youth per ODE
*ODE Guidelines indicate an Immigrant Youth is a student who meets all 3 of these obligations:
1. Ages 3-21
2. Not born in any state or U.S. territory including Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and Northern Mariana Islands
3. Has not been attending one or more schools in any one or more states or territories (including the above list) for more than three full academic years.
Matt Crapo, Director of Student Services, gave an annual report about the impact of open enrollment on the district. A few reminders about the criteria for acceptance into the program are listed below. 
  • Cannot increase staffing due to Open Enrollment
  • Cannot use artistic, academic, or athletic criteria for selection
  • Cannot limit students who are ESL or on an IEP, unless programs are at capacity
  • Cannot exceed class size requirements
  • Cannot accept students who have been suspended 10 consecutive days or expelled
  • Students are accepted on a first come first serve basis
  • Current students who move out of district are a priority in being accepted
  • Fees must be paid
  • Open enrollment may be revoked due to 12 unexcused absences, repeated or serious violations of code of conduct, including a 10-day suspension.
  • Cannot create a racial imbalance
  • Applications are accepted from 1st Thursday in April through last Friday in May
  • Policies/Regulations/Application: JECBB, JECBB-R, JECBB-E
To review the data shared regarding attendance, demographics, grade point averages, discipline, and revenue generated please click the headline above.
Kyle Jamison, Director of the Academy, and Chrissy Zboril, Dean of Students, shared information about the work done at the Academy program. This alternative learning site supports students in middle school through high school. Also presenting a glimpse of the Academy were Morgan Gardner, a Success Liaison, and Robyn Anderson, an educational assistant. Kayne Obie, a current freshman at the Academy, shared his experiences with Board members. "I love this experience, and I wouldn't change a thing about it," he said. Kayne has attended the Academy since 7th grade. He said the smaller setting and support he receives from Academy staff works best for his learning. "I feel very comfortable here," he added. Click the headline to view more details.
Matt Crapo, Director of Student Services, and Lance Perry, Director of Business Operations, presented an update on all safety programs to Board members at the September 1 work session. The presentation included items that the District is permitted to share with the public.  "Our end goal is when you enter the buildings you feel safe," Crapo said. View details of the presentation by clicking on the headline above. 
Did you know that the FCSD Transportation Department has
  • 61 Drivers 
  • 10 Chauffeurs
  • 10 Educational Assistants
  • 5 Office Staff (includes Safety Coordinator/Trainer)
Bill Westerbeck, Transportation Director, Janette Flick, Assistant Transportation Director, and Lance Perry district Director of Business Operations presented an update to the Board on transportation services, including safety, student expectations, personnel, driver training, and other aspects essential to the operation of the department. Click the headline above to review the entire presentation.