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Information About Incident at FHS December 6

This afternoon on Dec. 6 three students at Fairfield High School reported that a student at the high school made some comments today that would be considered as threats. In addition the students reported that this student was in possession of a knife. The administration and school resource officer immediately located the student and confiscated two knives. The school district administered the appropriate disciplinary consequences. The student will not be attending Fairfield Senior High School.
The school district worked closely with the Fairfield Police Department who will be handling the criminal investigation.
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Know the FACTS: EdChoice Scholarship Program - The Impact on Fairfield City Schools

What is EdChoice? The EdChoice Scholarship Program provides up to 60,000 scholarships to students who attend “underperforming” public school buildings, as defined by the Ohio Department of Education. These public school buildings have been designated as “underperforming” because of their building state report cards. The scholarship must be used to attend private/parochial schools that meet requirements for program participation. No private/parochial school is held to any academic accountability standard by the state of Ohio. The EdChoice Program will result in public taxpayer dollars being used to fund tuition payments for students at private/parochial schools (Read more)...
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Keeping You Informed

On Thursday afternoon, Dec. 5, a middle school student reported that a person in a blue van stopped and asked her if she wanted a ride while she was walking on Route 4 between Nilles Road and Camelot Drive. Fairfield police have been notified and are investigating.
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EdChoice Scholarship Program Expansion will Impact Future of Public Schools

The expansion of the EdChoice Scholarship Program will have a devastating impact on public school systems across the state, including the Fairfield City School District, which stands to lose an estimated $3.4 million next school year - and as much as $14.5 million between fiscal years 2021 and 2024 - if students accept scholarships to attend private schools.
Across the state, an increase in the number of schools designated as "underperforming" is the result of the end of what was known as "Safe Harbor." This was the state's agreement to refrain from using state test results from certain school years to add new public schools to Ohio's EdChoice school list (Read more)...
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Five Year Forecast Presented November 21

FCSD Treasurer Nancy Lane presented the Five Year Forecast at the November 21 Board of Education meeting. The Forecast includes projections of revenues, expenditures, and financial summary of our standing for the next five years (2020-2024). View the forecast by (Read more)
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Congratulations, 2019 Fairfield High School Hall of Fame Inductees!

They wrestled and ran cross country. They led on the soccer and baseball fields and scored on the gridiron. They played on the hardwood, on tennis courts, and successfully achieved as coaches. Another helped keep the athletic department office running smoothly.
They are the 2019 Fairfield High School Hall of Fame inductees. The nine members of this induction class are...
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Fairfield Student Musicians to Perform with Select Ohio Music Groups

To many in the community, the Fairfield City School District is home to an award-winning music program. Each school year, student musicians spend countless hours practicing their instruments, warming up their voices and perfecting shows for the community’s enjoyment. In addition to school performances, many audition for and are accepted in advanced honorary music programs...
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