FCSD Families - Please take a moment to read an important update about FCSD finances


The Fairfield City School District’s financial outlook has improved with the latest Five Year Forecast presented to the board of education on May 16, 2024.  On June 6, Treasurer Nancy Lane explained the details of the contributing factors for the improved financial picture for this fiscal year.

Contributing revenue factors for the improved financial picture for this fiscal year include all other operating revenue coming in approximately $2.9 million higher than projections.  This increase can be attributed to two specific categories-interest income and tax increment financing district payments.  Interest income came in above projections.  New tax increment financing districts became active in the city as well as in the township along with increased payment amounts due to reappraisal. 

Expenditure factors include lower salary costs for this fiscal year ($3.6 million) as the District realized greater projected savings from the restructuring of several programs and reductions in overtime and substitute costs.  Employee benefits projections are also anticipated to be lower than projections ($1.9 million) due to the lower salary costs and savings from a new health insurance plan option with lower premium costs.

“The cumulative effect from these outcomes and the adjustment of projections for future salaries and benefit expenditures helped to change our projected fiscal year 2027 ending cash balance to a positive $12.9 million,” Mrs. Lane said.

Based on this financial update, the board of education agreed on June 6 to a recommendation to rescind the staffing reductions in the transportation department approved last month. Their agreement also signaled the reinstatement of transportation services for FCSD students at the same levels as the last school year. This includes busing for FCSD freshmen and sophomores and eliminates the need to change start and end times at each FCSD school.

Despite the financial improvement, the district will still need to place a levy on a future ballot, Superintendent Billy Smith said.

“Essentially, we have bought ourselves some time,” he said. “I am very thankful that we have an opportunity to restore busing for our students and families, and that we can pause on levy conversations with the board for the short term. We will continue to look for ways to save money so that we can stay off the ballot for as long as possible.”