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Diversity Recruitment

Photo of FCSD Teacher to illustrate minority hiring

The Fairfield City School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer and seeks to continually expand the diversity of its staff. The District provides equal opportunities for employment, retention and advancement of all personnel regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, citizenship status, political affiliation, age, sex or disability. The District follows all relevant Board policies, Ohio revised codes and statutes, OSHA regulations and Federal laws regarding Equal Opportunity, Fair and Minimum Wage, Occupational Health & Safety, Employment of Minors, the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993. The Fairfield City School District has 
a school board-approved Diversity Plan, initially adopted in 2011. The plan was revised to further meet the needs of our ever-changing demographics and approved by the board in August 2016. Pillar/Goal I of that plan is to "recruit, hire, and retain teachers, administrators, and staff of color."
Photo of ESL translator receiving an award