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Student Absences

When your child will be absent from school, for any reason, it is important to contact the school and let them know. Parents can either call or email - either is acceptable. But email, if it’s available, has advantages: The email also serves as the note that parents are required to send in regarding the absence. Parents who call the school will still need to send a note when their child returns. (Also, parents who call the school to advise that their child will be absent will still receive an automated attendance call that day, reminding them to send a note when the student returns to school. That is because the absence cannot be marked as “excused” until the note, or email, is received.)
Each school has set up a special email address to use, if your child is going to be absent email:
Good attendance is critical for success in school. If you have any questions regarding the email or the notification system, please call Laura Sharratt at the school office, 737-5000.