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Summer School

Rico Calles, Secondary Summer School Principal (grades 9-12)
(513) 942-2999
Karrie Gallo, Elementary Summer School Principal (grades K-5)
(513) 829-7979
Katie Pospisil, Coordinator of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction
(513) 858-7123
Georgine Bowman, Coordinator of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction
(513) 858-7124

Secondary Summer School Information for 2024
Registration is open NOW.

2024 Summer School Registration Form

Eligibility: Students living in the Fairfield School District are given priority in registering for summer school. 

Dates and Attendance

  • Make-Up classes for grades 9-12 will be held, June 10 – July 3, 2024.  
  • Students may not miss more than 4 hours of instruction during any course. This allows the school to  comply with Ohio credit and attendance laws.  

Registration Deadlines:  

  • Make-Up/Credit Recovery – Monday June 3, 2024
  • EOC Prep – Monday June 10, 2024

*Dates for summer school are subject to change based upon the addition of calamity days, if needed, which would extend the school year for both the students and the staff.  

Time and Place:  

  • Summer school classes will be offered during one morning session from 7:15 AM to 11:15 AM.  
  • All courses will be held at Fairfield Senior High School

**Classes will only be offered if there is sufficient enrollment 

Classes: The following courses will be offered in summer school. We will not be offering Advanced Credit Summer School (Health/PE/Career Pathways) courses this summer. 

English 9 Make-up only 

English 10 Make-up only  

English 11 Make-up only  

English 12 Make-up only  

Algebra I Make-up only  

Geometry Make-up only 

Algebra II Make-up only  

World History Make-up only  

American History Make-up only 

Government Make-up only 

Biology Make-up only 

Physical Science Make-up only  

EOC Review Make-up only (no credit will be given) See information listed below for dates and times.

Prep Classes and Testing for the End of Course Exams (EOC):  

  • There will be a summer session (June 17 - 21, 2024) for students who are wanting to re-take an EOC.  
  • State law requires students to complete 10 hours of review per subject before taking any part(s) of the  summer EOC.  
  • Depending on the EOC you need to take, the review times may change: There will be two sessions, one from  7:15 to 9:15 am and one from 9:15-11:15 am. Your review session time will be communicated with you prior to the course beginning.  
  • EOC Tests will be given at Fairfield High School June 24– June 26, 2024. EOC review courses will be  free of charge for Fairfield students. There will be a charge for out of district students taking the EOC  course(s). There is no charge for the make-up tests. 

Students Enrolled in the Fairfield City School District Students living in the  Fairfield City School District are given priority in registering for summer school classes. 

Make-up Courses

Make-up Courses - $285.00 per course for Fairfield students (Full Credit)

Make-up Courses- $143.00 per half course for Fairfield students (Half Credit)

EOC Prep Classes Free of cost for Fairfield  students (Summer 2024) 

Students not Enrolled in the Fairfield City School District Make-up Courses $455.00 per course, $228.00 per half course

EOC Prep Classes $75.00 per course 

For  ALL students  (Those who are and who are not enrolled in the Fairfield City School District):

  • Financial assistance is NOT available for participation in these classes. 
  • A payment plan will not be established for summer school fees for students enrolling  from outside of the Fairfield City School District. ALL fees must be paid by the enrollment deadline(s) listed above

Questions? Call your School Counselor, Ricardo Calles – Summer School Principal, (942-2999) or Katie Pospisil - Coordinator of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction (858-7123).

2024 Summer School General Information

2024 Summer School Fees

2024 Summer School Make-up Course Registration Information

2024 Student Driving Policy

2024 Application to drive to Summer School

2024 Summer School Attendance Policy

2024 Summer School Rules 

2024 Summer School Dress Code

2024 Statement of Test Preparation 

2024 Summer School Emergency Medical Form 

2024 Summer School FAQ


Invitations to Elementary Summer School have been sent home through your child and have also been mailed. Only those students receiving invitations will be able to register for the Summer School Program. Thank you.