Gifted Services

Rob Beidelman, Instructional Specialist of Gifted Services
(513) 858-7130

Gifted students are defined as those who perform or show the potential to perform at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared with others of the same age, experience, or environment. Outstanding talents are present in children from all culture groups and economic strata.
 House Bill 282, the Ohio Administrative Code Rule 3301-51-15  Identification and Services for Children Who Are Gifted requires school districts to develop plans for identification and services for children who are gifted. To read this law, click here.
Currently, school districts are required to identify students as gifted and talented in four areas: Superior Cognitive Ability, Specific Academic Ability, Creative Thinking, Visual and Performing Arts. The Ohio Department of Education establishes the criteria for identification which, except in the area of Visual and Performing Arts, is partially or entirely based on how a child scored on one or more state-approved nationally normed standardized assessments.
While school districts are not required to serve students in all areas at this time, we at Fairfield City Schools are committed to programs that recognize the special needs of students who demonstrate the potential  for superior talents in academics, creativity and   leadership. We believe that gifted students will benefit from a differentiated education which helps to develop self-esteem and skills for independent and group study, research, creative thinking, and problem solving. Our district currently has educational options to offer gifted students in grades Kindergarten through grade twelve. Appropriate educational experiences for gifted students may include cluster groups, self-contained classrooms for grades five through eight and advanced classes for grades seven  through twelve. In addition, all teachers are encouraged to provide their gifted class members with  challenging course work and enrichment activities within the  normal  classroom setting.