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Civil Service

The Fairfield City School District offers opportunities for classified staff employment including: bus drivers, educational assistants, food service assistants, custodians, and secretary/clerical staff.

Fairfield City School District is a Civil Service employer. Some of our positions such as custodians and secretary/clerical are considered “classified civil service” and require successful completion of an examination process to be considered for the candidate pool. The exams are administered through the City of Fairfield, Civil Service Department, as needed. Questions concerning the civil service exam or process can be directed to the Civil Service Commission at 513-867-5381 or visit their website at

Fairfield uses an online application tool called AppliTrack. Applicants can view and apply for civil service examinations as well as job openings in a safe and secure setting by using Fairfield’s application center. Important note: It is imperative that you maintain your login and password in a safe place where you will be able to find it.

Click here to view upcoming civil service exam dates, job openings and to submit your online application.

Thank you for your interest in working for Fairfield City School District!


Fairfield City School District is an equal opportunity employer.