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Wellness Policy

Our Mission:
To foster interest and encourage Fairfield City School District staff and students to initiate and expand healthy lifestyles, provide programs to guide in the path of overall health.
Balance is essential for any Wellness Policy. Key areas include:
  • Nutrition Education
  • Physical activity
  • Other school-based activities that are designed to promote student wellness.


Wellness Programs:


Image of the 5210 Everyday healthy habits for healthy communitieslogo

The 5210 Program focuses on healthy life style choices for students and their families. 
The four focus areas are: 
  • 5 or more fruits and vegetables
  • 2 hours or less recreational screen time
  • 1 hour or more of physical exercise
  • 0 sugary drinks, more water, and low-fat milk. 
A program manual has been provided to each building facilitator which includes related activities and parent education flyers to use.
Each Elementary Building has their own 5210 Program Staff Facilitator and there is one Facilitator covering our four secondary buildings.  These staff attend our bi-monthly committee meetings and provide input for student challenges incentives as well as share what activities may be going on in their buildings. They help promote planned committee activities such as our H2October, Unplugged and Exercise challenges in their buildings as well as promoting their own building activities.
The elementary buildings have a $500.00 budget and the secondary buildings have a total of $1875.00 to use in programming.  This school year, the elementary buildings are using $.50/student of their budget to help cover the cost of their building Fun and Field Day. This day is an activity day collaboratively put together by our physical education staff and our local Great Miami YMCA branches. These days happen at the end of our school year as a culmination of all our wellness programming. The YMCA has also partnered in providing incentives for our student challenges such as water bottles, monthly YMCA passes and outdoor play toys such as soccer balls, Frisbees, etc.
The Wellness Challenge image
This school year, we are implementing 3 specific student challenges!
Click the links below to learn more about these challenges. 
Each student is given a monthly calendar to keep track of their progress.  At the end of the month, they submit these to their facilitator and one student from each grade is picked as a winner of an incentive.  We also pick one overall school winner to receive a one-month YMCA pass for their family.  (Student Calendars are included for review).
Intramural sports programs are held in our buildings to promote additional physical activity opportunities for all students. Some of our elementary buildings also have a Girls On the Run program that they are providing for 3-5 grade females.  This program combines physical activity, healthy choices, and self-esteem activities over a 12-week period.
From a wellness perspective, we partner with Primary Health Solutions, our school-based clinic to provide our students and their families with affordable and convenient health care.  PHS offers medical, vision, dental and behavioral services year-round.  Our district has a transporter who provides transportation to the clinic for student appointments during the school day.
FCSD Wellness Team
Cassandra Delaney, Assistant Principal, Creekside Middle
Pam Buehler, Licensed School Nurse, Compass
Brenda Stieger, High School
Paula Wagner, East
Melissa Jackson, West
Janet Cappola, Central
Amber Dahlhoff, North
Amy Durbin, Parent/YMCA
Paige Gillespie, East
Morgan Williams, South
John Jacobs, Mercy HealthPlex
Matt Crapo, Director of Student Services


Our schools have Registered Nurses to help keep our students and staff healthy. They are:
Diana Ramsey, RN, High School
Margaret Hermeling, RN, Freshman School
Jessica Short, RN, Creekside Middle School
Debbie McCune, RN Crossroads Middle School
Pam Buehler, Licensed School Nurse, District/Compass Elementary
Leslie Carroll, RN, Central
Traci McLaughlin, RN, East
Tara Mundt, RN, North
Chelsea Schneider, RN, South
Tricia Bou, RN, West

Any parents interested in joining the FCSD Wellness Team please contact: Matt Crapo at [email protected]