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The Office of School and Community Relations must approve all flyer requests before distribution to our students, posting on the FCSD website or social media will occur. Non-profit organizations may submit a flyer for approval by email to [email protected].
We reserve the right to deny a submission as per board policy KFA. The policy is posted below, and a list of approved flyers is included in the file list at the bottom of this page. 
The list of flyers at the bottom of this page is for information-sharing purposes and is not an endorsement by the Fairfield City Schools.


The Board recognizes that the District’s educational programs are part of a larger community which embraces its children and provides them with educational, recreational, cultural, and social opportunities.

To this end, the District will send home, post, and/or make available in school offices (or other locations so designated by building principals) fliers promoting opportunities for children and provided to the school district by those designated as Group 1 and Group 2 users under the District’s “Use of School District Facilities” regulation.  Such fliers will generally be posted in announced, designated locations in buildings housing grades 7-12, and will generally be sent home with students in grades K-6 on one designated day each week as determined by the building principal.  Fliers must be submitted to the School & Community Relations Director’s office in a physical format and time frame as determined by the School & Community Relations Director.

A letter of approval from the School & Community Relations Director must accompany fliers to be distributed.  Once approved, delivery instructions and flier counts for each school will be sent to the organization making the request.

Distribution of such materials containing information for the benefit of students is not intended, and does not in any manner, create a public forum for the expression of ideas, exchange of opinions or general discussion on issues or other matters of public interest, including, but not limited to, the endorsement of or opposition to any candidate for elective office or ballot issue.  Materials in support of or opposition to any candidate for elective office or ballot issue shall not be disseminated or made available by the District. 

This policy does not prohibit or restrict the distribution of materials by the District as authorized under Ohio Revised Code 3315.07.

The Board retains the right to refuse to send home, post, and/or make available fliers determined by the School & Community Relations Director to be inconsistent with legitimate pedagogical  concerns, Board policy, or the mission of the Fairfield City School District.   

[Adopted: March 18, 2004; Revised: October 24, 2013]

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