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Public Information Program

The Board is responsible for maintaining a cooperative relationship with the community which is
served by the Fairfield City School District. This relationship will be held at an acceptable level
only by supplying adequate information concerning the actions taken by the Board in its attempt
to solve problems and to maintain a highly functional educational program.
The Board recognizes the potential sources of information and help that exists within the citizen
body. The extent to which community assistance shall be requested and utilized shall be a matter
for continuous Board consideration.
The Board endeavors to:
1. encourage the public to visit the schools and to attend school events;
2. supply school information to the news media on a regular basis, and special items as
they occur;
3. publish school newsletters for distribution to parents and the community;
4. publish an annual financial report;
5. encourage special meetings with parents and teachers to provide information about
various school program and services;
6. make available to community groups the school facilities for cultural, recreational,
educational, and other worthwhile purposes;
7. cooperate with community groups and organizations by providing information,
services, programs and entertainment by students and other school personnel and
8. encourage attendance at school Board meetings and publish school Board decisions.
[Adoption date: September 25, 1995]