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Preschool Registration


Children must be age 3 and potty-trained to enroll in the Fairfield City Schools preschool program as a typically developing student.


All registration forms must be completed in FinalForms.  Directions for creating a parent account and completing your registration forms can be found in the links below.  If you already have a current parent account with Final Forms, you can add your incoming preschool student to your account and complete the online enrollment forms.


Beginning April 1st we will no longer accept Preschool registrations for the 23-24 school year.  If you are enrolling on or after April 1st , be sure to add your preschool student to the 24/25 school year in Final Forms.


In addition to your online enrollment forms, you will need to upload the following items to Final Forms: 

                Student’s birth certificate

                Parent/Guardian photo ID

                Applicable court documents, such as:

                                Divorce decree and Shared Parenting order

                                Court-issued custody order    

                                Grandparent Power of Attorney

                Proof of residency - Please see the link below for more detailed information regarding what will be accepted as proof of residency.

You can also email these documents to [email protected]Parents are not required to present documents in person to our Registration Office. 


Appointments are available if you need assistance with the Registration process or require an interpreter.  Click here to return to Student Registration Home Page in order to set up an appointment.


Once your Preschool enrollment has been completed, you can expect the following:

  • Children who are not on an IEP will be placed on a wait list for placement.  Parent will be contacted and provided with information about school/session/teacher once a placement has been made.
  • Children who are on an IEP will be enrolled with an anticipated start date 2 days from the date enrollment is completed.  A representative from the preschool department will communicate the school/session/teacher information and start date with the parent.
  • If you have requested an evaluation because of a suspected disability, you will be contacted regarding meeting dates and times for the evaluation.  Once it is determined that your child qualifies for services, you will be given more information about school/session/teacher and start date.
  • If your child has been evaluated and determined not to have a disability, you can choose to have your child placed on the wait list or have your enrollment removed from Final Forms.
For more information about our Preschool program, please visit the Preschool home page.