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Hazing and Bullying Report to Board of Education


Hazing and Bullying in all forms are prohibited in the Fairfield School District. Fairfield Board of Education policy JFCF outlines steps that administrators, teachers, and all other district employees will take to prevent and/or stop any planned or ongoing cases of hazing or bullying. The Fairfield City School District revised our policy to align with requirements in HB 116, also known as the Jessica Logan Act. This act was passed by the Ohio House in 2012. You can read this policy by clicking on menu items on the right side of this page.

In accordance with state law and district policy, a report is prepared for the board president on the number of recorded bullying incidents. That report is also to be posted on the district website. It is included in .pdf format in the file list at the bottom of the page.

Fairfield Board of Education regulation JFCF-R details specific steps that district employees will follow upon learning about any incident of reported hazing or bullying. These incidents were addressed under the steps of this policy.