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Meet our Professional Staff!

Fairfield logo This is a picture of South Elementary principal, Jason Hussel

Jason Hussel

This is a picture of a high school spanish teacher, Ricardo Calles

Ricardo Calles

This is a picture of a school psychologist, Heidi Escobar

Heidi Escobar

This is a picture of Central Elementary teacher, Sandi Stegman

Sandi Stegman

Where are you from? I am from Cincinnati, Ohio. El Salvador I am from New Castle, Pennsylvania, which is 40 miles north of Pittsburgh. I was born in McRoberts, KY. My family moved to the "West End" of Cincinnati when I was a baby. At the age of twelve, I moved to the community of Madisonville. I am a proud graduate of Withrow High School.
What is your current job? I am the proud principal of Fairfield South Elementary School. Integration Coach, Cross Country and Track Assistant Coach School Psychologist I am a 5th grade Language Arts and Social Studies Teacher at Central Elementary.
What do you love about FCSD? I love the support of the FCSD community.  The Fairfield community is one large family.  There is a sense of pride within the FCSD and I am honored to be a part of it! The diversity of our student population. I love the staff and people that I work with. They make our job easier, are supportive and encouraging. One of my favorite things about FCSD is the great sense of community pride both within the school community and the larger Fairfield community. I have the opportunity to work with amazing professionals both inside and outside of the schools each and every day to build a solid foundation for our students. The dedicated staff go above and beyond to help all students succeed in the process and make it an enjoyable place to work. FCSD supports and champions its staff to grow and continue to develop professionally and personally. It goes without saying, I truly love my students and families in this district. I love the relationships I have developed. I love the fact that in this district we are willing to tackle the hard issues that confront us. I love the fact that we don't always get it right, but we continue to work towards getting it right. I love the diversity and that we continue to grow in this area.
What's a fun fact about you? To honor the death of a student, I challenged the student body to raise money to support his organization.  If the goal was met, I agreed to sleep on the roof of the school for the night.  Well, let's just say the challenge was met and I had a long, sleepless night on the roof of Fairfield South Elementary! I graduated from Fairfield High School. I love to travel and I did not learn English until I was 12 years old. I grew up in the "Fireworks Capital of America." I am an alumni of "The National Society of Pershing Angels". It is a military-based drill sorority of women founded in 1965 as a Coed Affiliate drill unit of Pershing Rifles. It is the sister organization to Pershing Rifles and currently exists at over 10 colleges and universities. I was Drill Commander at Central State University. 
Describe your job. I look forward to waking up each day, putting on my suit, and coming to work.  Every day brings new challenges but new opportunities as well.  I have the privilege of serving as principal for over 750 students.  Watching students face different challenges and succeeding by meeting those challenges is remarkable.  I have the best job in the entire world! I get to teach students about the Spanish language and culture. Through this I get to develop cultural awareness, help them discover the beauty and the skill of learning a new language and about diverse points of views and cultures. After school, I get to coach students in running and help them apply this into their every day life of working hard and never giving up. My job as a school psychologist involves collaborating with parents, teachers, school staff and students to help with academic, social and behavioral concerns. I often tell parents that I am a professional problem solver. I help create, implement and monitor interventions to help all students be successful and complete evaluations to determine eligibility for special education services. I do not see what I do as a job. I am living my dream and passion! I get the unique opportunity to be part of a "village" that will help to mold our future society. I am teaching students to be their authentic self. Part of what I do is to allow students to discover their passion and nurture that discovery. It is important that students feel safe and their basic needs are met. I believe that without becoming part of this process, I as a teacher will not be successful introducing academic learning. I am a product of teachers who subscribed to this way of thinking! I had a job for 20+ years with the IBM Corporation. I now have the opportunity to help kids become all they can be!
How does FCSD support your growth? As the proud principal of Fairfield South Elementary, I am supported and challenged daily!  The FCSD trusts I will make decisions in the best interest of students and staff at Fairfield South Elementary.  I am proud member of the FCSD team!  Go Indians! Each day, I get to work with people who are different than me and challenge my way of thinking. FCSD is also supportive in the dreams that I have as I get to work with a very supportive staff who is always willing to learn new things. I get to teach others about innovative practices and things that I am learning as well as getting to learn from others about things that they are learning both at the building and district wide. One of the strengths of FCSD is its staff. I think the reason for that is the supportive environment that allows employees to seek out growth opportunities and professional interests. Ongoing professional development is provided, but employees are also given the opportunity to pursue additional opportunities to build skills as well as serve in leadership roles.
  • Administrators past and present that help me discover and nurture those discoveries
  • Allowing me to speak my truth and feel safe doing so
  • Caring about the things I care about
  • Having and open-door policy
  • Involvement in the community with our students and families
  • Leadership that is open to new ideas and care about building relationships
It goes without saying all the professional development to learn personally and professionally has supported my growth.  The opportunity this district has embraced to build relationships has supported my growth to be a better person and teacher.