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Police Update on Incident at Fairfield Stadium Nov. 13

Fairfield Police responded to the Fairfield Alumni Football Stadium at 1579 Stadium Drive for the report of an adult male in the parking lot threatening students. The 911 caller reported that the man possibly had a firearm and was upset over something that happened at the last football game. Officers arrived within three minutes of being notified of the event and took 22-year-old Joseph Mattia into custody. The investigation continues, however, preliminary findings indicate that Mr. Mattia was upset about some interaction Fairfield students had with members of his family. Although allegations of Mr. Mattia being in possession of a firearm were made, we were unable to locate a firearm or any evidence to conclude that he did in fact possess one. No students or staff were harmed during this incident. Mr. Mattia was charged with (2) counts of menacing, trespassing, and disorderly conduct, all 4th degree misdemeanors. He is scheduled to appear in Fairfield Municipal Court on November 27.
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FHS World Languages Department Celebrate World Kindness Day

Today was World Kindness Day, and the World Languages Department all dressed as Fred Rogers (his movie comes out Friday, Nov. 22), who spread messages about the importance of kindness. Enjoy this story and photos written by FHS journalism class student Marie Keener, of the Tribal Tribune.
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We Salute Our Fairfield City School District Veterans

Thanks to all Veterans for your sacrifice and service. Enjoy the tribute to the heroes who work in the FCSD. We regret that Creekside SRO Kevin Mack, a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, was left off the tribute slideshow. We thank Officer Mack for his brave service to our country and to the students and staff at Creekside Middle School.
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District Bond Rating Upgraded, Bond Refinance to Save Taxpayers $6 million-Plus

The Fairfield City School District was recently awarded an upgrade from Moody’s Investors Services from a bond rating of Aa3 to Aa2. This upgrade was made prior to the refunding of approximately $51 million of bonds that took place on October 17, 2019. The refunding was able to produce $6.641 million in savings for taxpayers in the Fairfield City School District. According to district Treasurer Nancy Lane, “The refunding process will not produce additional money for the district, but will lower the millage and future payments that taxpayers will make on the bonds.” This represents an overall savings of about 8.87% over the life of the Bonds, which will reach maturity in 2044. District voters approved a bond issue in 2014 to finance its local share of the cost to build Central and Compass elementary schools and Fairfield Freshman School. The new construction was part of a state facilities construction assistance program that provided the district $19 million to offset the total $80 million project. The closing for the financing of the bonds is scheduled for November 6.
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Congratulations, 2019 Fairfield High School Hall of Fame Inductees!

They wrestled and ran cross country. They led on the soccer and baseball fields and scored on the gridiron. They played on the hardwood, on tennis courts, and successfully achieved as coaches. Another helped keep the athletic department office running smoothly.
They are the 2019 Fairfield High School Hall of Fame inductees. The nine members of this induction class are...
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Fairfield Student Musicians to Perform with Select Ohio Music Groups

To many in the community, the Fairfield City School District is home to an award-winning music program. Each school year, student musicians spend countless hours practicing their instruments, warming up their voices and perfecting shows for the community’s enjoyment. In addition to school performances, many audition for and are accepted in advanced honorary music programs...
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