FHS Physics Students Solving Tomorrow's Environmental Problems Today

defrost the windshield of a car without starting it and polluting the environment. Instead, the heater will be started remotely using a phone app.
These high school scientists received guidance from an assigned Samsung mentor.
So far the class has won technological equipment for placing in the top five in the state. They are in line to receive additional technology valued at up to $50,000 and a trip to Washington D.C., depending on how far the group advances. The top three in the nation can receive $100,000 to use for STEM-related equipment in the classroom.
In the photo are some of the Operation Thaw design team: Katarina Putnick, leader, project administration team; Alex Quedens, leader, software team; Jack Biondo, leader, hardware team; and standing from left to right are Megan Barth, Bryce Behr, Ryan Brown, Jared Cusick, Jackson Cowan, Michael Ryan.
Not pictured are Haley Durbin, Cheryl Appel, and Ethan Crittenden.
Watch a video the students created as part of their entry. Nice job to all.
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