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FAQs & Info About Creekside & Crossroads Chicago Trip

Seventh Grade Trip FAQs
**These statements are based on information we have available at the time. We will continue to communicate as further information becomes available or as decisions are made.**
1.) Is there new information? What is Fairfield City School District doing about the situation?
Discovery Tours filed for bankruptcy protection on Monday. We have received no further communication from the company or their representatives. We confirmed on 5/8 that busses, hotels, venues, and meals were not paid for, even in part.
We have filed a complaint with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office on behalf of our students and families affected by the situation.
We are currently examining day-trip alternatives here in Cincinnati. Several companies have recognized the disappointment in our schools and families and are willing to help us offer a low-cost alternative. We are hopeful to communicate our in-Cincinnati alternative to our families by the end of the week.

2.) Are other school trips such as Key Largo or Washington, D.C. affected by this?
We have confirmed the details and payments for the Key Largo trip. Next year’s Washington, D.C. trip is already scheduled with another company due to a better financial agreement.

3.) What steps could/should families be taking?
Several parents responded with helpful information that we felt it was best to share with everyone.
a.) The Cincinnati branch of the Ohio Attorney General’s Office is forwarding all calls to the Columbus office. Please call the toll free number 1-800-282-0515. To initiate your dispute with Discovery Tours, you must file a complaint.
b.) Dispute the charges with your credit card company: they will do some investigating/advocating for you.
Continue to watch for communications from us with the most up-to-date information and decisions on the Fairfield City School District website, the district Facebook page, the middle school daily announcement emails, and the Chicago Trip Facebook page.

We truly appreciate your support and patience while we work together through this unfortunate situation.
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