A Message from the FCSD Food Services Department

Dear Parent/Guardian,
For the start of the 2020-2021 school year, our families have been given the choice to keep their students home for the first semester as a virtual learner, or to send their students to in-person learning two days per week. The Fairfield Food Service Department hopes to offer meals to every student, no matter where they will be learning. To facilitate this process, we ask our families to complete the google form entitled “Take-Home Meal Sign up” found on the school website and below, to ensure that we have enough prepared meals to go around!

Virtual learning students will have the opportunity to pick up 5 breakfasts & 5 lunches each Wednesday afternoon between the hours of 12:00-1:00 PM. Families with more than one student in the district will need to pick up ALL meals from the school of the OLDEST student in the family. Meals may be picked up without the student(s) present, however, a student name and/or student number will be required upon receipt of these meals for payment information. For a student that does not qualify for free or reduced meals, the cost of 10 meals will be $19.75. For reduced-price students, this will be $3.50.
Hybrid learning students will have the opportunity to bring home 3 breakfasts & 3 lunches at the end of their last in-person school day. For a student that does not qualify for free or reduced meals, the cost of 6 meals will be $11.85. For reduced-price students, this will be $2.10. During your students’ in-person learning days, regular meal service will be provided with a few key improvements to ensure that all state and federal guidelines have been followed.

It is important to note that all meals, both in-person or to-go, will need to be paid for unless you qualify for free meals via the Free & Reduced Meal Program. Eligibility applications for this program can be found under the Food & Nutrition Services tab on the school website. A paper copy of this application will also be distributed to each student. We encourage our families to utilize the Payschools Central app to pre-load monetary funds to each students’ account prior to the start of the new school year. Cash payments are discouraged but can be accepted under special circumstances. Please note that change will not be given to students upon receipt; all additional funds will be loaded onto the student’s lunch account.

To ensure continued business practices as they relate to being fiscally responsible, Fairfield City Schools will no longer allow students to charge a lunch. Under Federal guidelines, students who are unable to purchase a lunch will be eligible to receive a substitute meal that meets USDA and National School Lunch Program guidelines.
Students that receive this meal will be charged $1.00 or $0.40 for those students that qualify for reduced-priced meals. The parent/guardian of any student accumulating lunch charges above $10.00 will receive a letter from the district explaining the process of repayment and must facilitate this payment within 30 days of receipt. If charges become delinquent, Fairfield City Schools may take all necessary actions, up to and including legal action to retrieve the past due amount.

We appreciate your continued support for our program and look forward to serving your student. If you have questions about any information provided in this memo, please feel free to contact me at (513)829-6300.


Liz Wellman
Food Services Director
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