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2017-2018 Middle School Program of Studies

Fairfield City School District
Creekside Middle School
Crossroads Middle School
Program of Studies
Dear Fifth Grade Students and Parents/Guardians:

We are beginning the process for scheduling classes for the 2017-2018 school year. Attached you will find the scheduling materials to review and complete.
Students should review the attached materials with their parents/guardians, fill out the scheduling form, obtain parent signature and return it to their social studies teacher on or before Friday, March 3rd.
For accuracy in scheduling, forms should be completed neatly and clearly, making sure to erase any marks made while deciding on classes. The quarter electives will be given to students who do not return their forms to their social studies teacher.
The Program of Studies is provided to assist you in understanding the elective courses offered at the middle school.
While selecting electives for next school year, please note that students will have two periods of elective courses during their school day. Students in 6th grade will take 8 quarters of elective classes over the course of the year. For example, students can take two full-year electives, one full-year and four quarter electives, or eight quarter electives. Students requiring intervention courses will be placed in an intervention course during one or more quarters. Students requiring this intervention will be automatically placed based on academic needs.
Please contact a school counselor if you have any questions or concerns about scheduling for 6th grade.
School Counselors - Crossroads Middle School:
Mrs. Karen Albrecht, 829-4504 Ext. 128
Mrs. Amy Hauer, 829-4504 Ext. 107
School Counselors - Creekside Middle School
Mrs. Erica Green, 829-4433, Ext. 135
Mrs. Melissa Salyer, 829-4433, Ext. 133

Mrs. Aileen Ernst                                Dr. Michael McCrory
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