Equity Program
The Equity Leadership Team (ELT) is responsible for diversity-related policy issues, such as review of strategic goals, professional development needs, and curriculum changes. It is a clearinghouse for district-wide diversity initiatives; and the team promotes diversity events.The ELT produces an annual report to the public as an update on progress and targets to focus on in the future.
ELT members are:

 Laurence Jones, Community Member & Co-Chairman + Denise Hayes, Principal, North Elementary & Co-Chairman
Paul Otten, Superintendent
Gina Gentry-Fletcher, School & Community Relations Director
Lani Wildow, Curriculum Director
Katie Pospisil, Coordinator of Secondary Curriculum & Instruction
Roger Martin, Assistant Superintendent
Tracy Ashford, Guidance Counselor, Fairfield High School
Mike Jones, Teacher, Fairfield High School
Dawn Mann, Teacher, Fairfield High School