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Equity Leadership Team

The Equity Leadership Team (ELT) is responsible for diversity-related policy issues such as review of strategic goals, professional development needs, and curriculum changes. It is a clearinghouse for district-wide diversity initiatives; and the team promotes diversity events.The ELT produces an annual report to the Board of Education and public to update on progress of goals to focus on the future. The progress reports are included in the files below.
ELT members are:

Laurence Jones, Community Member & Co-Chairman
Denise Hayes, Principal, North Elementary & Co-Chairman
Billy Smith, Superintendent
Gina Gentry-Fletcher, School & Community Relations Director
Lani Wildow, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Katie Pospisil, Coordinator of Secondary Curriculum & Instruction
Roger Martin, Assistant Superintendent
Tracy Ashford, Guidance Counselor, Fairfield High School