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Fairfield Alumnus Spreads Message of Hope to Freshman School Students

Bradshaw said he channeled his feelings about his father’s death into the blog, “Seeya.Bub.” It serves as his way of saying goodbye to his father, to reach out to others in need, and also to pay tribute to the man he looked up to.

Bradshaw’s visit coincides with the subject matter being taught in ninth grade health classes by teachers Becky Doak and Tommy Begley. These challenging topics are now part of the school health curriculum. The objective is to educate students about mental health issues and suicide prevention. Doak said the students were receptive to the Bradshaw’s message.

“They showed Tyler the utmost respect and compassion throughout the day. This was absolutely a highly charged emotional day for all involved, but the students opened their hearts to Tyler.”

Doak added that school officials believed that Bradshaw would be able to reach students in ways the teachers might not be able to.  “We are trying to break down one of the biggest barriers that prevents people from talking about mental illness and seeking help,” she said. “The stigma surrounding mental illness prevents people from getting the help they need. Tyler has a special gift in the way he is able to capture his audience with his honest emotions, compassion and his mission to offer hope.’’


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