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Fairfield Alumni Stadium Naming Rights Project Information

one of the best facilities of its kind in the state. Over the years, the stadium has been a place that holds special memories for many student-athletes, band members, and the entire Fairfield community. In an effort to preserve the many traditions that make this venue so special for its brilliant past and its bright future, we are embarking on a fundraising drive to secure the naming rights to the stadium, officially renaming the football stadium as “Fairfield Alumni Stadium.”
Mark Harden
District Athletic Director
A brochure, complete with donation form for your tax-deductible contribution, is in the file list below. Thank you in advance for your support. A list of  current donors is at the end of this notice. Please join this growing list today! 
Naming Rights Donors
James "Matt" Arminio, 1977

Randy Hambrick, 1976

Scott Hormann, 1987

Fairfield Champions Foundation

Rodney Hubbard, 1987

Jamie McBee, 1987

Catherine D. Milligan, 1969

Marc Mills, 1987

FHS Alumni Association/Jerry Oberdorf, 1962 (President)

John M. Pfeifer, 1987

Jeff Pielage, 1987

David B. Quimby, 1999

Brady Renners, 1989

Scott Robbins, 1981

Shaun Shanklin, 1998

Jim Tankersley, 1965

Gary and Pat Wagner, 1965

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