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Hi! My name is Patti Wells and I am one of the preschool Speech and Language Pathologists for Fairfield City Schools. I have the pleasure of working with the itinerant speech and language students, which includes seeing preschoolers in their homes, private preschools, daycares or at East Elementary.


Please know that I am available if you have any questions, concerns or any fun stories you would like to share throughout the year. I travel throughout the district, so if you need anything, please be aware that I may get in touch with you on my next day in the office. I can be reached by phone, (513) 737-5000, ext. 4120, by email at If available, e-mail is probably the better option as I am not always near my phone.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your child’s preschool team!

Patti Wells (aka Miss Patti)
Speech-Language Pathologist