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Open Enrollment



If you are currently a resident of Fairfield or Fairfield Township, please see Student Registration Center on the home page for registration information.
ALL New and Renewal applications submitted between May 2, 2022, and May 27, 2022, will be acted upon by the week before the first day of school.  All applicants will be notified of acceptance or denial via email/phone call and a letter from the Superintendent.
Resident students who are moving out of the district over the summer and would like to continue in Fairfield City Schools for the 2022-2023 school year, should fill out a Relocation Open Enrollment application and update their address by logging in to their Final Forms account (https://fairfield-oh.finalforms.com).  Please provide a copy of the current proof of residency along with parent/guardian's current photo ID by uploading them to your student's Final Forms folder or emailing them to [email protected].  Relocation Open Enrollment applications are available for printing below or may be picked up at the Administration Building (4641 Bach Lane).  Completed applications should be submitted to the Student Registration Center.
A student eligible to be a Relocation Open Enrollment applicant is a student who:
1.  Has been living in Fairfield
2.  Is currently enrolled in Fairfield City Schools as a resident student
3.  Desires to stay in the district even though residence is changing to another school district
4.  Has uninterrupted enrollment in Fairfield City Schools during the current school year and previous semester (cannot withdraw, enroll in another district and then apply to come back under relocation open enrollment)
5.  Must have paid all school fees (current and past) in full, qualified for a fee waiver or have an active payment plan in place.
If a relocation application is approved, the student becomes an open enrollee from the date of approval forward.  Parents must submit a RENEWAL open enrollment application for the 2023-2024 school year in the time frame specified for the student to be considered for open enrollment in Fairfield City Schools next school year.


QUESTIONS ON OPEN ENROLLMENT: Contact Angie Isgro, EMIS Specialist at (513) 858-8567, or email [email protected].