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Support Staff Member of the Year

2019 Support Staff Member of the Year
Ms. Supriya Khirwadkar
A photo of Supriya Khirwadker the Support Staff Member of the Year. She is holding a plaque with her photo on it, Choosing the Support Staff Member of the Year and Teacher of the Year is often a very difficult choice. This year’s recipient was nominated by 14 different individuals. As Superintendent Billy Smith read each of the nominations, it didn’t take him long to identify some themes. Over and over, she was described as a person that goes above and beyond. For her, going above and beyond includes supporting, serving, and teaching ALL students and not just the ones that she is assigned to help. People appreciate the fact that she is positive each and every day and genuinely cares about every single student and teacher. We would like to share some of the quotes from our recipient’s colleagues:

“She is extremely deserving of this award. I would also argue that she should be nominated as Teacher of the Year. In our department, all of the teachers fight over having her in our classes. Without being asked, she has made up study packets, graphic organizers, practice work, etc. Students love her and ask for and welcome her help. She helps any and all students in the class and also helps students from other classes that need it. She genuinely cares about each and every student, and they know it.”

Another colleague said, “She is one of the kindest, smartest, most compassionate people I know. Our program would not be what it is without her support.” 

Other comments include: 

“She is a rock star. She comes to work every day with a positive attitude that is contagious.”

“She is fabulous. She is always so kind, gracious, and patient. She does her job with integrity.”

 “When the schedule needs to be written for the next year, everyone requests that she be in their room. She is comfortable knowing the material in our upper level courses, but she can teach it and explain it in a way that kids can connect the content to the real world, which is one in a million.”

“She wasn’t assigned to my class this year, but she still stopped by to provide me with materials and extra supports in my classes.”

“She is one of the hardest working, most dedicated individuals I have ever met or worked with. She cares deeply about her students. I have seen her advocate for and help students who might not be able to afford to participate in certain activities or to buy caps and gowns at graduation. Last year, one of her students gave her a birthday card and attributed his success in high school to her help, encouragement, and positive, caring influence.”

Lastly, a colleague said, “She has the biggest heart and wants nothing but the best for anyone she encounters. I have never met a more deserving person for the Support Staff Member of the Year. She encompasses everything FCSD stands for and it is an absolute honor to work alongside her.”

We congratulate this year’s Support Staff Member of the Year, known as Ms. K to her students, Ms. Supriya Khirwadkar.