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Teacher of the Year


2018 Teacher of the Year
Mrs. Jill Wilhelm

We often reflect on how we as educators can make a positive impact on our students. We’ve often heard that many students may not remember their teachers for the content that they taught, but they will definitely remember them because of a smile, a hug, or a secret handshake. Yes…a secret handshake. This year’s recipient takes the time to have individual handshakes with each of her students, and I assure you that the number of students that she serves is very large. When we called our recipient, she was overwhelmed. We were not surprised by her reaction:  she immediately deflected the attention away from herself and reminded me that she is a member of a great team. We told her that is the exact type of response that we would expect to receive from her. If you know her, you know that she is a true servant, one that is dedicated to serving her students. We would like to share a few quotes from her colleagues:“I can’t think of another teacher who wears more hats. She dedicates so much of her personal time to her students, going above and beyond. Her work ethic is amazing. She puts 100% into everything that she does and does so with integrity”. Her principal wrote, “She is the model of leadership amongst her peers in the district, consistently going above and beyond for the school district. A leader in her field, everything she does is with the best interests of her students in mind. She works tirelessly to make sure each student feels loved, cared for, and has a home in the department.” Finally, we would like to share some quotes that have been shared from some of her former students:“She is a great role model. She always has a positive attitude. “The best thing about her is that she just gets it! She knows everything there is to know about what she teaches. She knows exactly how to explain it so that everyone else gets it, too”. “She is not only a teacher, but a mentor for the future and someone who has helped me in more ways than she could ever know”. “She understands students better than any teacher I have ever met. She connects in so many ways”. We often talk about the importance of our students connecting in some way with what is going on at school. This teacher makes sure that every single student she serves has that connection, and she does it so effortlessly because of the passion that she has for kids. A common theme in these quotes has been her practice of going above and beyond. Her willingness to go above and beyond has positively impacted the lives of thousands of students. She is the ultimate professional and is an outstanding representative for our profession, our school district, and community. Please join us in congratulating this year’s “Teacher of the Year” - Mrs. Jill Wilhelm