Building Pride 2.019 - 5-Step Plan for Success Presented to School Board March 21

Contact was made with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (formerly the OSFC) to share our interest in updating our current plan. OFCC representatives said funding levels and the approximately 100 school districts currently in line for funding would result in a projected seven (7)-to-eight (8)-year wait for state funding.  Our current facilities are up to 63 years old and have significant improvement needs. Possible legislative changes may also work in our favor.  Mr. Penney presented a five (5)-step plan for success:
1. Facility assessment to determine needs and costs in the fall of 2019.
2. Evaluation of assessment results to compare it with our current facility maintenance plan, needs and financial plan during the first half of 2020.
3. Progress assessment, or using the information from steps one (1) and two (2) above to decide if it is time to begin the next phases of the plan. Consideration would also be given to our status with the OFCC and any legislative changes. A decision to move forward would be the beginning of the stakeholder engagement portion of the process. 
4. Establish focus group to discuss our facilities and establish a master plan for facilities that provides a vision for the future.
5. Update the Master Plan supported by the community to guide decisions and financial planning that would be available in case of a funding offer from the state. Input would come from faculty/staff, community members, students and administration.  
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