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The Fairfield Tempo Club is a booster organization supporting one of the top music programs in the state of Ohio, specifically serving grades 7 through 12 in the Fairfield City School District.  Together, the parents, students and teachers of Fairfield work together on all aspects of the music programs in Fairfield.  Fundraising is a crucial part of this support, but also includes chaperoning, equipment moving, building, sewing, photography, chaperoning, and anything else needed to aid the students.
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Fairfield Music Students Make Honor Ensembles
Over 90 Fairfield middle, freshman and senior high school musicians were selected to participate in the Ohio Music Education Association’s District XIII honor bands, honor jazz bands and honor choirs. These students were selected from approximately 1,200 musicians from four counties who auditioned for seats in the prestigious musical groups.
The honor jazz ensembles perform  Sunday, January 10 at 2 p.m. at Lebanon High School. The middle school honor concert bands will perform at 2 p.m. on January 17 at Mason High School and the freshman/high school honor bands perform January 17 at 4 p.m. also at Mason High School.  All concerts are free and open to the public.
Those from Fairfield named to the bands, including alternates, are:
High School Honor Bands:  Allisa Martin,Shelby Murray, Brianna Kilbane, Tristan Stegman, Noah Stover, Grayson Myers, Jacob Schuster, Ben Hosmer, Alyssa Hernandez, Megan Findley, Baylen Thierry, Paige Adleta, Paige Oakley, Cole Sechrist, Emma Hynes, Lydia James, Breanna Cole, Analisa Callendar, Hannah Justice, Maria Bowling, Adam Brewer, Lydia Unklesbay, Jennifer Weekley, David Brinkman, Hannah Willingham, Josh Combs, Christian Freed, Desmond Traylor, Jack Riggs
High School Honor Choir:  Matthew Bullock, Jacob Kelso, Olivia Feldman, Morgan Harsh, Janelle Lattimore
Freshman Honor Band: Jenna Arthur, Laurel Myers, Hannah Armstrong, Caitlyn Menke, Daniel Stone, Ciara Menke, Aditi Patel, Alex Roll, Michael  Hofstetter, Sydney Wilson, Aidan Post, Maddie Hensler,  DJ McFarland, Stefan Botev,  Jazmyne' Bass
Freshman Honor Jazz Ensemble:  Jason Weber      
Middle School Honor Band: Elizabeth Larson, Rebecca Wilson, Ayden Scheffler, Danielle Reeves,  Kayla Miller, Ella Brewer, Richard Wardlow, Megan Bartha, Lucas Hynes, Hannah McCoy, Jack Cowan, Savannah Kidd, Eliana Stove, Bradon Humphrey, John Warner, Kasha Crovador, Evan Tanner, Kayli Bell, Megan Stephens, Caelan Schulack, Madison Roybel, Juniper Gibbs, Genesis  Santana, Cole Kubesch, Kennedy Carter, Sam Beasley, Charlie Riggs, Jeffrey Thomas, Ronnie Erskine, Emerson Parks, Marie Keener, Gavin Miller, Angelina Rojas, Kenton Myers, Brandon Adams, Owen Taylor, Dakota Glichowski, Dustin Graham, Vanessa Ampafa-Mensah, Giovanne Glass, Jessica Schuster
Middle School Honor Jazz Ensemble: Jack Cowan, Elise Baumann, Madison Roybal,  Jeffrey Thomas, Charlie Riggs, Emme Parks, Josh Weidner, Kyle MacMillan, Mitchell Mefford